Carl Friedrich Goerdeler

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Carl Friedrich Goerdeler

Carl Friedrich Goerdeler (born on July, 31 1884 in Schneidemühl, Germany) is a German politician. Member of the Ständischer Verbund, he is the current spokesman of the Franz von Papen administration.

Goerdeler was born to a family of Prussian officials in Schneidemühl, in the Prussian Province of Posen. He studied law, and after the Weltkrieg he entered politics, advocating for a tough stance towards independant Poland and free-market policies. Goerdeler served as the second mayor in Königsberg before being elected mayor of Leipzig in 1930, before entering the Reichstag as Representative for Saxony after the 1931 legislative election. He was named official spokesman of the government by Reichskanzler Franz von Papen, and is considered by some observers as a possible future Imperial Chancellor, if he becomes more known to the great public.

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