Arthur Crispien

From Kaiserreich

Arthur Cripsien (born on November, 4 1874 in Königsberg, Germany) is a German politician. He is the current Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands' spokesman at the Reichstag.

Crispien began as a set designer in theater, attended an art school and worked as an employee for the newly created Health Insurance. Becoming a member of the SPD in 1894, he later worked in Königsberg and Danzig as a journalist. From 1906 to 1912, he was Chairman of the SPD for West Prussia and from 1912 chief editor of the Swabian Tagwacht in Stuttgart, but was forced to leave the party in 1914 as he protested against the party's vote of the war credits. Sympathizing with the short-lived USPD, he was later determinant in the reunification of the latter with the SPD. As a reward, he received the siege of Representative for West Prussia in the 1926 general elections. He is the current SPD spokesman at the Reichstag.

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