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[edit] Welcome to ##japanese on Freenode IRC FAQ

ようこそ! ##japanese on Freenode IRC is a channel where members can learn or practice their Japanese with natives and proficient learners.

[edit] Rules

The members of ##japanese are a casual bunch, and we talk about a variety of subjects. Nevertheless, here are a few important rules:

  • To display Japanese, your chat client must use UTF-8. We don't use ISO-2022 or Shift-JIS.
  • Do not private message people with language questions. It's best to ask in public because multiple members read this channel and may have an answer for you.
  • Do not ask for women/girls. If you want to find a mate, there are many suitable websites that already exist for that purpose.
  • It is best to open and use a private message/dialog with our bot K5. Don't spam the channel with lots of lookups.
  • When writing in Romaji use proper spelling for long vowels (aa, ou, ei, ii, uu) instead of macrons or (oo, ee)
  • Follow general IRC etiquette. That is, don't be a jerk, don't type in caps, etc.
  • If you want to partake in discussions in the channel, you need to at least know kana.

[edit] Links

If you're learning Japanese, the following links are useful resources:

  • Kim Allen's overview of Japanese This site has no kanji but it does give a pretty good overview of grammar plus the author's personal experience of how she learned Japanese.
  • Tae Kim's Guide to Japanese This is an excellent website to learn a lot of Japanese grammar. However, you need to be comfortable reading kana.
  • Teach Yourself Japanese Great site to learn kana and some Japanese basics.
  • The Japanese Page A multiuser site that covers various aspects of Japanese.
  • Wikibooks Japanese An incomplete but useful site for beginners.
  • J-Gram A multi-user site that lets you practice Japanese with other users.
  • Lang 8 - A multilingual blogging and correction website. Native Japanese will correct your Japanese, while you can correct other user's writings of English or your native tongue.
  • - A web application to help you learn Japanese Language like playing RPG game, earn EXP, gain Level, and get Ranked.
  • Learning Languages Through Video Games, a wiki

[edit] Source Material

Sources. This page lists media or textual sources which you can use to learn Japanese. Users of this wiki may contribute additional resources under Sources.

[edit] Language FAQ

Language FAQ. This FAQ will explain many nuances of the language and hopes to go beyond what the textbook provides. Coming soon.

[edit] Optional Secondary Steps

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  4. Join the News Group
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  7. Read the Help Page

[edit] Other Interesting Resources

  • [1] How to pronounce 'R' in Japanese.
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