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[edit] How To Contact Misha

  • AIM: MeeshZilla
  • Email:
  • Mun Journal: ceruleanoctober

[edit] Where Does Misha Role Play?

[edit] Insane Journal

[edit] Who Does Misha Role Play? (Fandom Characters)

Anthony J. Crowley (Good Omens)
Bobby Twist (Brokeback Mountain)
Danny McCoy (Las Vegas)
Donnie (Decker) Rose (Poor Boy's Game)
Ella (The Fires)
Ennis Del Mar (Brokeback Mountain)
Gilbert Grape (What's Eating Gilbert Grape?)
Gregory House (House MD)
Harry Dresden (The Dresden Files)
James Wilson (House MD)
Joan Girardi (Joan Of Arcadi)
Josh Wilson (House MD)
Neil Perry (Dead Poet's Society)
Raymond Wood (Girl From Rio)
Reina and Sofia Wood (Girl From Rio)
Robert Chase (House MD)
Stacy Warner
Thomas Lang (The Gun Seller)

[edit] Who Does Misha Role Play (Original Characters/PBs)

Criss Angel
Elle Fanning
Heath Ledger
Hugh Laurie
Jasmine Jessica Anthony
Johnny Depp
Josh Duhamel
Kiefer Sutherland
Nicole Kidman
Paul Blackthorne
Robert Sean Leonard
Rossif Sutherland
Sean Patrick Flanery
Sela Ward
Thomas Sangster
Unknown Models

[edit] Role Playing Examples

[edit] Fandom Characters

[edit] Original Characters

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