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[edit] Welcome

The purpose of this wiki is to collect initial interest, discussions and ideas to develop an Optimal International Auxiliary Language, as sought in the far 2001 by Rick Harrison.

Whether this project will finally take off or not, it depends on you. You may say we already have English for that. Please read here.

Make sure to read the project manifesto and if you agree to the main goals of the project, then feel free to join us: create an account on this wiki and start contributing.

E.g. you can get a page at random, read it, then improve or discuss it, pick up a topic from the page list, or search for something specific and if you cannot find it, feel free to create a new page. This is wiki open for collaboration to anyone. There are currently proposals about the alphabet, phonology, phonotactics and orthography that need to be discussed, developed and refined.

Whether you are an expert polyglot or just a single-language speaker, it does not matter. We all speak languages. All your ideas and improvements are very welcome!

To beat the average, one just has to avoid to get used to unnecessary complexity. -- Antonio Bonifati

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