Freikorps Rank Tables

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Please note that these are officer ranks only at the moment. O1= Lowest Rank; O11= Highest Rank.

Freikorps Battlefleet

O1: Ensign
O2: Sub-Lieutenant
O3: Lieutenant (Pinnace, Frigate)
O4: Lt Commander (Destroyer)
O5: Commander (Light Cruiser)
O6: Captain (Capital Ship (Battlecruisers, Fleet Carriers, Dreadnoughts))
O7: Fleet Captain (Super-Capital Ship (Superdreadnoughts and Carriers of the Line))
O8: Rear Admiral (Battlesquadron)
O9: Vice Admiral (Task Group)
O10: Admiral (Battlefleet)
O11: Fleet Admiral (Supreme Fleet Commander)

Freikorps Marines

O1: 2nd Lieutenant
O2: 1st Lieutenant (Platoon)
O3: Captain (Company)
O4: Major (Battalion)
O5: Lieutenant Colonel (Regiment)
O6: Colonel (Brigade)
O7: Brigadier General (Division)
O8: Major General (Corps)
O9: Colonel General (Army)
O10: General of the Marines (Army Group)
O11: Field Marshal (Supreme Commander of the Marines)

Freikorps Fighter Command

O1: Pilot Officer
O2: Flight Lieutenant (Section (Flight))
O3: Squadron Leader (Squadron)
O4: Wing Commander (Wing)
O5: Group Captain (Fighter Group)
O6: Senior Group Captain (All Fighter groups on a carrier)
O7: Commodore of Fighters (All fighter groups in a Battlesquadron)
O8: Rear Star-Marshal (All Fighters in a Battlefleet)
O9: Vice Star-Marshal (All Fighters in a particular Theatre)
O10: Star-Marshal (All Fighters)
O11: Chief Star Marshal (Same as Star-Marshal, but with a bigger house and a free pool)

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