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The 9th Electoral District of Tennessee is a census area used for determining federal election results in the Southeast Region. It includes the city of Memphis, capital of the Southeast, and its suburbs. In October 2007 it voted 65% Colin W, the strongest of any electoral district of the Southeast.


Urban:75% Rural:25% Population:210,112 Median income:$45,112 Poverty status:8.7% White:51.0% Black:45.5% Hispanic:3.1% Ancestry: 45.5% African, 11.9% British, 6.4% Colonial, 5.2% Irish Oct. 2007 Pres.:

65% ColinW (NLC) 14% Gporter(Rep) 13% Polnut (PLP) 8% SPC (RPP)

Jun. 2007 Pres.:

66% BrandonH (RPP) 21% Colin W (RP) 13% Everett (PLP)

Occupation: 42.1% Blue collar, 48.3% White collar, 9.6% gray collar

We're you dumb enough not to know...

  • ...that Southeast Region residents, when asked, had the lowest opinion of Jews of residents of any region.
  • ...that the Southeast has a poverty rate more than twice that of any other region.
  • ...that when two men start putting their penises in to each other, they engage in buggery.

Dumb Recent News

  • Religious right members burn gays and non-racists in the Rural Southeast.
  • A new list is available for the poorest counties in the Republic.

Important things that happened this ghey day...

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