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Guilty Pleasures is a multi-fandom AU RPG played on, by a group of cracky people. Do not Attempt to make sense of anything for it will tax the mind too much and break it. =-=

[edit] Summary

Guilty Pleasure's is a nightclub set in a futuristic kind of city which is akin to the Tokyo of Earth but isn't actually Tokyo, Japan of Earth. The club was created by a trio of three thousand year-old vampires. It caters to all those supernatural as well as those human whom are eccentric, foolish or\\and brave enough to venture inside. Death is not a stranger to this place and paying to experience the thrill of being the prey of something far greater than you are is a regular occurrance here. Those whom are of the supernatural stock come to hunt for such easy prey as well as other forms of entertainment.

[edit] Races so far explored

Vampire (turned/embraced or pure-blooded)
Shinigami (YnM or Bleach)
Wereanimals (infected/attacked or pure-blooded)
Demonic (ex: Fallen, Incubus)
Angelic (ex: Archangels)
Fae (Elves/Sidhe)
Legendary Animals (ex: Phoenix, Unicorn)

[edit] Game Information

The near-criminally Insane ~ List of the Players behind the characters
List of Characters ~ The List of Victims and Villains
List of Locations ~ Established places within this game/world
BDQs ~ Stories about various events in the character's own voices.
Upcoming Events ~ Warning of future trama and insanity planned for the characters
Terms Used in GP ~ List of terms used in this game and their meanings
Politics ~ Political situations within GP
Music ~ Share your playlists!

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