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A Checkbox is a widget that has a state of being "checked" or "unchecked" (or "selected" or "deselected").

Checkboxes can be grouped together. Some groups only allow one box to be "checked" at a time.

NOTE: some toolkits allow for "three state" checkboxes. These checkboxes can be "checked", "unchecked", or "neither".

[edit] Properties

  • id
  • checked (boolean)
  • group (optional)

[edit] Events

[edit] Toolkits That Differ

  • Qt uses the parent widget of their radio button widgets to infer group and has a special pseudowidget (QButtonGroup) that can be used for extra control
  • XUL has a special pseudowidget that is used as the group for all radio buttons to infer group

NOTE: inputs can infer group and outputs can create pseudoparents for checkboxes that have a group

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