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Welcome to 2007 the Graduate Student Summer Workshop Wiki
a resource for graduate students
in the Washington University Graduate Student Summer Workshop.

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What is this GSSW wiki? The goal of this wiki is to create an additional space in which every graduate student can benefit from and contribute to the experiences of other graduate students. While the workshop is a face-to-face opportunity for learning and sharing ideas, here the information is available at any time. If you’re at a computer with a web browser, you can join in. Use this space to share information, organize groups, plan activities—the site is what we make it.

Now you may be wondering, "How Do I get Started?" Remember: though only GSSW members can edit pages, anyone can view the content. Here is some useful information about etiquette in wikis.

First Set-up

We've selected EditThis.Info as our host site; this is a free wiki service that will advertise on the site you create.

Below you'll find the information the host site gave once the wiki was successfully created. See how easy the initial set-up steps are! When you want to create your own wiki, starting it is as easy as creating a name for it.

Wiki successfully set up.

First Steps

The username and password for the administrative account is admin, admin.

  1. Important: Log in as admin and go to Preferences to change your password!
  2. Write down your password.
  3. On this page: image_logo_url put just the url for the logo that you want in the upper left corner of your wiki.

Other optional things to do

  • Control the rights of anonymous and logged in users through the Control Panel (which can be found in the toolbox on the left side of this page).
  • Add the url for your wiki to the Categorized wiki list. Simply edit that page and put your wiki under the appropriate category.
  • To increase the amount of space you have for uploads, add links to from external sites, and go to the Link Quota Page to increase your uploads quota.
  • Edit MediaWiki:Sidebar to change the navigation menu
  • Add this wiki to some external wiki indexes:
  1. Wikipedia list of wikis
  2. WikiIndex
  • If you are feeling adventurous and know a little about web design you can edit the javascript and css to the Header to change the look of your wiki.
    • You must log as admin to do this
    • Whatever you enter in this page will be added to the html in the header after the standard style sheet, so you can override styles.
  • Read the User's Guide for other usage and configuration help.
  • Add your wiki to the map of wikis
  • Add a message to the Feedback Page if you see anything that could be improved.
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