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Welcome to The Grundy Wiki, a wiki about the small wingless chicken with running shoes that anyone can edit. We currently have 76 pages.
Grundy Info: Grundy was created by The Brothers Chaps, and Grundy is an enemy in Stinkoman 20X6, but what's not to love about him/her? Grundy appears in the second level of Stinkoman 20X6, "Pick a Bone", and has ever since been either enemy or friend of Stinkoman.

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  • The Wiki is open for buisness! HAVE FUN! 21:06, 11 May 2007 (EDT)
  • Okay, lets get this started!
    • El Pardak, you make the rules.
    • Homsar44with pie and TheDenzel, you two can start making fanstuff.
    • I will work on coding and red links.
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