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1. No direct flaming of any kind at any persons or groups, criticism is ok, just don't make it too harsh.
2. No vandalizing pages.
3. Don't post any obscene pictures
4. Feel free to add coments.
5. Have fun.

Pages and Links

Mister Know It All
Rin's Beginner's Guide
Werewolf the RPG for mIRC
Battleon Town New's Wiki
Grinwiki Guestbook!

Announcements and Updates

  • <Announcement> Wiki's up! Yay!
  • <Announcement> Got my profile and the MKIA page done.
  • <Announcement> Link list done.
  • <Announcement> We now have a guestbook! I'll start uploading logs sometime this weekend.
  • <Announcement> Icony thingy has to be redone.
  • <Announcement> I redid the icon thingy! ^-^ Took me forever to figure out how to, too!
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