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The Glengarry Club of Ottawa was founded in 1964 and lasted until 1996. Their aims and objectives were:
1. To foster and promote social and cultural ties between members.
2. To foster and promote social and cultural ties between members and the people and organizations in the county of Glengarry
3. To contribute financially and by other means to organizations, in particular those organizations which promote the objectives set out in 1 and 2 above.

In the early years the Club held dances approximately four times each year where ex-Glengarrians were able to meet and keep in contact with each other and also make new friends. People from Glengarry joined us at most of these events. Various orchestras provided the music and dances were held at different venues. Lunch was provided by the Club members.

Euchre parties were held during the winter months.

In 1972 the first Christmas party for children was held and this became an annual event. The children looked forward to this party of games, crafts, contests, a sing-song and a visit from Santa Claus with gifts for all.

In 1967 the first donation was made to a Glengarry organization. Each successive year several donations would be made to worthwhile charities. More than $32,000 was donated by the Glengarry Club of Ottawa to charities and organizations between 1966 and 1998.

In 1976 the Club sponsored the Glengarry '76 concert on state at the opera of the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. It was a daunting task to deal with the N.A.C. House Management Executive and to obtain the N.A.C. for a concert by these amateur performers from Glengarry! 2200 people were in attendance. Nine successful concerts were held there, giving talent from Glengarry a chance to perform on a very prestigious stage used by professionals. Subsequent concerts were held at the Centrepointe Theatre after the rental for the N.A.C became out of reach. Max Keeping of CJOH emceed the concerts.

Two tours of Scotland were successfully organized giving many Glengarrians the chance to visit the 'auld sod' on a fun tour. A video was produced by and aired by CJOH entitled Children of the Exiles. A copy of this video is held in the archives at the Hall of Fame.

The Executive and members manned a booth at the Glengarry Highland Games for many years and also set up at various games to promote the Club's aims and to advertise Glengarry talent. The Club worked with the Highland Games Committee to set up and staff the first Information Booth at the Games. This has become a very busy place.

A Curling Bonspiel involving Ottawa and Glengarry teams was first organized in 1977 and held annually in Maxville.

All success and promotions of the Glengarry Club of Ottawa were obtained by the unending, unselfish work done by volunteers. Never was there a lack of volunteers willing to promote this organization and the work it did in promoting Glengarry talent, Glengarry events, Glengarry history and strengths, and social and cultural ties. The Club fulfilled their aims and objectives, all the while having fun!

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