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Bob Burnie
Bob Burnie started as a member of The Brigadoons in February 1975. At the time, the other members consisted of Rob Taylor, Gaye Leroux and Brian MacDonnell. As the band continued on, they gained popularity in Glengarry and the outlying areas. Although they played in many places over the years, their main commitment remained in the Glengarry area.

Bob remained with the group until 1981, eventually leaving because of the difficulty he found balancing the band and police work. At that time, Denis Carr took over his position as lead singer of The Brigadoons.

In 1981, Bob became a member of the Cornwall Police Band. Their main focus was on Celtic music and for three years they continued to play in the Glengarry area doing numerous charitable functions for the community. The Police Band folded in 1984 and Bob, along with Gaye Leroux joined well-known fiddler Gerry O'Neil and his partner Vince Griffin to form the group McMartin Fiddle. This group remained together for several years, again the focus being to play for the people of Glengarry.

Shortly after McMartin Fiddle broke up, Bob connected with Gary "Ducky" McDonald, forming the duo Bob and Ducky. They have been together ever since, and are still actively performing in Glengarry.

Bob says, "It has been an honour to provide entertainment to the Glengarry community and I will continue to do so as long as the people request my presence at their special gatherings. Thank you Glengarry for the good times and the friendship over the years."

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