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The anthem, the chant, and the psalm, became secularized, and the music of the sanctuary differed Ray Ban Sunglasses Uk Sale in no essential respect from the music of a vain and empty world.Yet however persons may differ respecting this profusion of ornament, when applied to secular compositions, there can surely be but one opinion as to their admission into the Church. Saered music, as a medium of divine communications, ought to possess a character of its own—so distinct from the music of the concert room, as in no respect to recal vain and idle associations. The same marked contrast should be visible in the style of performance. Any attempt to assimilate the service of Jehovah to the amusements of the theatre, is in effect to associate God and Mammon. It is to make the Holy One pander to human iniquity—it is to point the weapons of His warfare against His servants—it is to fill the vessels of the temple with the wine of a Belshazzar s banquetit is, in the expressive language of scripture, ' to bring the hire of a whore, and the price of a dog into the house of the Lord our God.'1» Deut, xxiii. 18.THE CHOIR.135The practice, which obtains in many places, of hiring singers from the theatre or opera-house, to perform upon festival days in the church, is especially to be deplored, as one grand source of the evil complained of. It can never be expected of such characters, that they should at once exclude from their minds, the levity, impurity, vanity, and cringing obsequiousness of their daily occupation, and assume the merest particular of that solemnity, devotion, and holy affection, without which all sacrifice is 4 abomination unto the Lord.' Can the Ethiopian change his 2014 Ray Bans Lens Types skin, or the leopard his spots ? The same fondness for vain and frivolous compositions—the same love for ostentatious decorations—the same grasping after human applause and human reward, which are fostered by theatrical performances, must necessarily pursue the musician into his engagement in higher Ray Ban Collections Sunglasses duties. The more so, as between his casual connection with the Church, Ray Ban Justin Sunglasses Outlet and his stated connection with the opera, there is so close an analogy, that in either case, he perceives the Ray Ban Sunglasses Uk Sale beauty of his voice, and not the morality of his conduct, is the grand subject of inquiry. The consequences are such as may be expected.

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[edit] in their own village kangaroo charging station

Huashang hearing in order to avoid toll charges, and then detour seem commonplace. Huashang had reported earlier toll station small blue "one size fits all" pricing model makes for tourists and local people are often questioned. Users think of questioning blue small (Lam - small business source) tollgate fees are too high,louboutin soldes,, setting unreasonable. Recently,?mod=space&uid=29883, Lantian Waterhouse Zhen Yang Incline Village six groups of villagers, in their own village kangaroo charging station, charging five dollars toll passing vehicles, and next to the state-run blue small toll station. Some users said that although unreasonable, but the price is acceptable.

15 yuan less than the national road toll charging stations

Recently, friends, "Trojan" Post said in Chinese Business Forum, 312 State Road Lam villagers kangaroo "toll booth", and with a picture of villagers kangaroo toll. You can see in the picture,hogan sito ufficiale,?tid=2589071, the villagers in their own village set up a simple toll station, a few villagers guard, there is a wooden lever to do, not far away is the "little blue toll station." Users believe that the villagers set up such a toll station is to collect money for profit, but the price is acceptable.

Netizen "lonely smile," said mockingly, creating wealth, ah, change tomorrow to Zancun children also installed a.

Netizen "Shangluo Red Stick" that: "People in the village charges 5 yuan, 20 yuan blue small toll stations, or small purchase price, are you where you go?"

User "liu925" said: "Do you want to wonder if you want to leave people's Village Road, charge you the cost of normal."

Netizen "Zhongnan Feng Qingyang",hogan outlet, said: "What a strange,?mod=viewthread&tid=238188, country roads can spend toll station located in the village of their own money to repair the road is the masses, why not make money, and the state's money is money, people spend Is the money is not money. "

Netizen "yearning for a better life," said: "I think the close,?mod=space&uid=315675, Village Road was built by the villagers at their own cost and maintenance, or not to go, but not the national highway,peuterey uomo, true high-speed national highway by the state money (or nominal enterprise), and our national highway can be charged, equivalent without this deal, and the money collected is also used on the road is not necessarily money. "

Small Blue Highway (Lam - small business Plateau) was opened to traffic in 1999 State Road 312 secondary roads, the road toll station is located 4 km south from the city at Lantian. One is called "Shun Hermit" netizens described the toll fees this: "car regardless of distance toll is 20 yuan, visiting land and water Um, walk 300 meters to pay 20 yuan tolls, visiting a Wang Shan, 10 kilometer round trip $ 40,piumini peuterey outlet, price ah ...... this reasonable? "In this regard, it is there are users refer to" stealing money. "

User: National Highway toll station should have removed the high

"Xi'an Daily" in 2008 in a report that the influence by the small blue highway toll stations,?FORUM_ID=1, as well as the local tourism industry and agricultural products around the economy,moncler milano, not the popular scenic, business deserted farmhouse, increasing transportation costs tou ... ... Blue small road became "an embarrassment caused by negative way." Users generally believe that the presence of small blue toll, it is unreasonable.

Netizen "visiting family", said: "The last to Wang Shan, 200 meters from there, let pay 20 yuan tolls, too Kengren.

Netizen "Looking Qinling" that: "adhere to support the establishment of the villagers to set up toll booths,?mod=space&uid=42308, for the majority of owners burdens blue road toll station to charge 20 yuan, should have removed the.."

Netizen "Eastgate old man" humor,hogan milano, said: "a plethora of highway toll station 5 yuan and 20 yuan competition in this rural highway toll station!."

Netizen "I love the sea,?mod=space&uid=5389," said:. "Blue trails toll station to charge 20 yuan, should have removed the"

Friends, "I like Chinese", said: "It is more popular charge our departments is not about why the villagers would receive, why people would go,abercrombie soldes, and why users are one-sided response,requin nike pas cher, perhaps, and the landlord does not meet the original intention of posting it, so cancel blue small village charging station charging station is a natural way to extinction, while the majority of drivers will be applauded in the past. "

Small blue highway toll stations will charge 18 years

Since 2009, Shaanxi Province will be phased out two highway toll stations in five years,moncler donna outlet, but for this highly questionable highway toll station on the blue small, but not in the cancellation of the column,moncler donna, Zhao respect the right to use the same words to tell Huashang reporters: " To cancel the fee loan type two highway toll stations, and we are operating, nature is not the same. " In other words, despite being questioned, but if there is no other policy requirements,hogan interactive, then Lam tollgate fees will continue here for 18 years.

[edit] teuo5cGgrt

(Reporter correspondent Yong Guang-Jun Li Haijun intern Luo Lihui) fled out nearly five years later,, Changsha Zou Ming chose to give themselves up - 2004 November 20 morning,?mod=space&uid=63911, he and several other people outside a hotel in Tianxin others escaped death after gunmen struck,hogan sito ufficiale, has removed several provinces,?mod=space&uid=42609, the last in Hainan spent a few years in fear of the day. In Changsha City,?id=4427,louis vuitton outlet, "a play three whole" under the special action and urged the judiciary criminal suspects to give themselves up notices deterrence, under repeated persuasion by his family and lawyers, yesterday,?mod=viewthread&tid=726698, Zou Ming returned to Changsha,?mod=viewthread&tid=169445,air jordan france, Tianxin police to surrender.

Afraid to contact family fled during

According to the court's investigation, November 20,scarpe louboutin, 2004 at 1:00 pm,nike tn pas cher, Zou Ming of a friend with a rifle butt by others wounded,chaussures nike pas cher, was informed of the situation,peuterey sito ufficiale, Zou Ming mustered several men, driving a rented The white mini-car, and prepared long and short-barreled shotgun each one, an imitation pistol 64, in a hotel outside the gate before Tianxin Ping,abercrombie outlet italia, previously found to trouble the Taomou and Chen. In this process, Zou Ming holding short tube homemade shotgun shot in Taomou, Taomou cause of death, but Chen has also been hit by other people.

Reporters learned that, in 2005, Tianxin District Court has sentenced the case of the other two suspects,bracciale tiffany, two men were sentenced to seven years and three years in prison.

After the incident, Zou Ming fled Changsha night,moncler uomo outlet, after a series of after Chengdu, Fuzhou, after he used a pseudonym in Hainan live down. It is understood that when the child is still unhappy Zou Ming escape hundred days, and now the child has been 5 years old. 5 years, Zou Ming did not dare to contact family, holidays, when it is only through a friend hello to loved ones.

After consulting a lawyer gave himself

"Recently I saw on the Internet to conduct 'a dozen three full' special action news Changsha City, also heard gave himself be given a lighter or mitigated punishment." Persuasion through multi-family and consult the "Hunan Province ten straight LLP good criminal defense lawyer, "who after Xin, deputy director of Hunan The letter law firm, Zou Ming finally decided to surrender.

10:00 yesterday, a five-year exile outside Zou Ming returned to Changsha,woolrich uomo, after Xin and has repeatedly talked to surrender its escorted. "I decided to face this reality. Anyway he break the curse ...... now feel more relaxed than on the outside, and do not feel at ease in eating and sleeping outside. I can not go downstairs, only willing to stay at home, really negative case at large not a person had the day ...... "

According to City Intermediate People's Court,woolrich sito ufficiale,Municipal People's Procuratorate, the Municipal Public Security Bureau,Bureau of Justice issued urging criminal suspects to give themselves up notices, October 30 gave himself up to the law will be given a lighter, reduce or waive penalties. It is reported that there are more than suspect surrendered to the police.

[edit] "Our company has a good atmosphere

Eastern Express (Reporter Xu Xin Yun) "double 11" For many people it is a sleepless night, cutting the hands of the party are busy shopping spike, electricity supplier staff are busy down shelf product, shipping, trading volume and other records. Fujian,abercrombie france, a well-known apparel electricity supplier companies in order to ensure that employees work 48 hours a passion, a lot of benefits paid to employees,?id=77049, but also specifically invited the band invested in the office area for employees cheer add to the fun. 9:00 am on the 10th, the electricity supplier's employees entered the state of readiness, the general manager also came to the company pulled a small suitcase,?mod=space&uid=19031, waiting for a war of no smoke.

Yesterday, zero bell reminds live band add to the fun of singing began to rise, suddenly shattered exhausted state employees.

The company office area on the large screen LCD display, the current sales data kept scrolling. Every so often, large-screen LCD display when a certain amount of volume to break,the band played cheerful music along with the staff cheered to celebrate. The company's marketing department operations center staff Ray told reporters yesterday, two in the morning to midnight electricity supplier,tiffany outlet, it is a special time, is an important moment in the performance of the impact point, so in the meantime staff are very excited. General manager,louboutin, has come up with its own collection of champagne and wine to celebrate together with employees.

Because you want to continue to work 48 hours,?mod=viewthread&tid=394735&extra=, the company also issued a large number of employees of snacks and drinks. Office area also deliberately opened a catering area, drinks, instant noodles,?mod=space&uid=48023, piled like a hill. Usually the company's cafeteria was open only at lunch time, but the "double 11" period, the cafeteria in the evening is open to employees, the company also issued several staff canteen voucher per person, can be self-eating in the cafeteria.

"Our company has a good atmosphere,?mod=viewthread&tid=286903&fromuid=1336, so even work long hours,louboutin hommes,?mod=space&uid=33184, employees will not complain." Ray said, the whole process, we take turns to rest,chaussures louboutin hommes, some sleep on the sofa, some directly lying on the table to rest.

(Original title: To continue to work 48 hours electricity provider hired bands to eliminate fatigue and encouraging employees)

[edit] Ltd. Leader Zhaomou Bin

Southern News correspondent Sui Huang Shaohong Nanfang Daily reporter Ji Xuan Recently, the Guangzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection official microblogging @ Guangzhou honest news release, the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment vehicle management director Lee bribes more than 300 million, the case is under further investigation .

According to the Guangzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection informed that at present, Guangzhou, "three two" work has entered the "fight to build cross to fight to promote the construction, in order to build with playing" a new stage, the city's various departments at all levels focused, concentrating, then break number of major cases and the "umbrella" of cases,?mod=space&uid=34197,moncler outlet, and always maintained a strong momentum in the fight against commercial bribery. Recently, the Guangzhou Municipal Office informed the recent fight bribery investigation of Zengcheng City Licheng Liu Moubiao Hospital, Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment vehicle management director Lee and several typical cases of commercial bribery. The day before yesterday, on the clean @ Guangzhou Weibo also issued a "Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment vehicle management director Lee bribes more than 300 million have been punished," the message.

The investigation, from 2008 to 2012,pas cher, the suspect, Lee is responsible for the management of vehicles utilizing the work of his office, for the daily operation of motor vehicle testing Guangzhou Renhe Co. and illegal use of the old detection system to help seek illegal interests,chaussures louboutin hommes, and more times accepting bribe the company responsible for a total of more than 300 million people. Currently the case is under further investigation.

At the same time there are cases notified by the city hospital president Liu Moubiao Licheng bribery case. According to the Guangzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Bulletin, January 2011 to January 2012, the suspect Liu Moubiao use as Zengcheng Licheng Hospital office,?mod=viewthread&tid=127420&fromuid=5177,louboutin femme pas cher, helped by the city Sui Kang Pharmaceutical Co.,air jordan homme pas cher,?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, Ltd. Leader Zhaomou Bin (Lingan treatment) to obtain the right to institute the actual supply, and has 13 times the cash Zhaomou Bin accepting bribes of RMB 39 million.

July 2008 to mid-May 2012, Liu Moubiao alleged bribery by the city Health Bureau and the total 50,000 yuan. Currently the case is under further investigation.

Related news

120 petition backlog of 88 true

Dean Health spike a kangaroo coffers bribery 230,?mod=viewthread&tid=762926,000

Southern News "to promote the rectification petition popular project,louboutin femme pas cher, and resolve pending Petition Days of Action" Nanfang Daily reporter Ji Xuan Huang Shaohong correspondent Sui Guangzhou discipline inspection and supervision system has been carried out to achieve the desired objectives. Reporters learned that the Guangzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection since June this year to carry out special action to resolve the petition backlog since the total resolved 120 cases,christian louboutin homme, involving a denial of justice and act as "umbrella" and 10 issues of the evil forces, and investigate the illegal accounts of Huadu Yayao Town Health dean personal discipline and law.

Learned that the focus of the 120 investigated to resolve the backlog of letters,?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, true or partly true 88, accounting for 73.33% of the total backlog petition. Which initiate disciplinary or judicial organs for investigation 30,chaussures louboutin hommes, ordered rectification or for criticism and education 58. 31 Petition problem investigation untrue, accounting for 25.83% of the total backlog petition, a petition backlog as clues for further deep investigation.

According to the Guangzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Bulletin, recently,woolrich outlet, Huadu District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau,hogan outlet,?mod=viewthread&tid=2017943&extra=, according to reports, the district hospitals in the town yayao Dean Tang Moumou "illegal accounts",boutique louboutin paris,?mod=viewthread&tid=1904962, accepting bribes and other drug suppliers for discipline issues filing checks. The investigation, Tang Moumou use of his office, from 2010 to May 2012 "little treasuries" splurge embezzlement, receiving medicines and medical equipment suppliers bribes totaling 230,abercrombie france,000 yuan. Currently, Tang Moumou prosecution has been arrested.

(Original title: director Spike Vehicle traffic police checked more than 300 million bribery)

[edit] fmjd5zfd7U

The arrival of summer, just for a year at the University of Nanjing female students Xiao Wu mood is really up. Her family was poor, think of the next semester's tuition and pay a few thousand dollars,?tid=980, they worried about you. Being unable to do anything on the occasion, Xiao Wu's cell phone rang,louboutin milano, is a fixed telephone number, paragraph number from view, is the seat of the University of Xiao Wu. "Xiao Wu is it? I was the newly appointed counselor Wang ah." The other said, Xiao Wu, a former counselor removed,chaussures nike pas cher, he was newly appointed,?mod=space&uid=180959, calling students to understand the situation. Hearing him say, Xiao Wu did not doubt,?mod=viewthread&tid=667833, introduction about their own situation,?mod=viewthread&tid=566505, and tell their own things to worry about now for tuition.

Xiao Wu heard say Wang immediately said that he is the school overtime,?tid=2428&extra=, to help students apply for student loans next year, taking into account the small conditions are not very good,woolrich parka, but last semester final exam results are good, decided to Xiao Wu included in the list of student loans. Wang Xiao Wu also said that it would help run the student loan as soon as possible, when someone Contact Xiao Wu issuing grants. Xiao Wu thanked him quickly.

A few days later, Xiao Wu has received a claim to the school,?mod=space&uid=333311, "accounting" of the phone. "Accounting," said Xiao Wu immediately to hit the money within a bank card. However, this needs to be operated on Xiao Wu, an ATM machine. I heard that the loan approved down, Xiao Wu immediately in accordance with "Accounting" indication to the bank. In the ATM machine, according to her, "accounting" requirement into the English interface, and then step by step instructions. Enter the "code",, "980", the "accounting," said the success of the play money, then hung up the phone.

Xiao Wu,spaccio woolrich,?mod=viewthread&tid=1094580&fromuid=189537, and then they check their bank card account balance at an ATM machine, the results surprised her. The so-called student loans not only did not credited,abercrombie milano, own 980 dollars on the card was gone. At this time, only to find Xiao Wu carefully recalled, enter verification code "980" is actually transfer amount 980 yuan. After realize fooled, Xiao Wu immediately report to the Qinhuai police. Currently Qinhuai police investigation has found no replacement classes Xiao Wu counselor, nor Wang is such a person.

Here, the Qinhuai Police remind the majority of students, received such calls should first identify true and false, you can contact the school familiar classmates, teachers verify, but also the police for help.

Yangzi Evening News correspondent correspondent Cao Qin Gongxuan Luger

(Original title: posing as "the new counselor" to help students do student loans)

[edit] vamo1O31ah

  ,scarpe hogan 2015
■ due to grassroots level, work well, four years ago, the city Public Security Bureau have given instructions to call the city police to learn from him

■ from the police for 28 years, he had been awarded a third class three, won two "outstanding civil servants," the title and Municipal Public Security Bureau of seven awards

On three of seven municipal CHAIRMAN, "in the city's schools, kindergartens with campus police, and built 500 Patrol platform" as one of the top ten events, written into the "Decision on the livelihood of the current work to do" in the .

From February 7, the city's two batches start Patrol service work, deploying Patrol platform 300, 8300 police officers, 300 police cars,nike tn pas cher, motorcycles and 1,200. Until September 5, the city's incidence of criminal cases fell from 23,/longbai_info/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=9275296,185, down 17.4%, resulting in a massive law enforcement and social effects.

In addition, the city's districts and counties have set up campus security branch (large) team, who posted 5588 campus police, campus security force 4.7 million people, there are 3416 campus to achieve "one school,?file=Guestbook, one police" requirement.

Injured stick to their posts

Rush to work sprained foot

Yesterday, this "first glance" Web site issued a set of users an ordinary photograph --- Shapingba District Patrol, right foot bandaged, under the scorching sun directing traffic. This photo was quickly reprinted in major sites, attracting millions of users praise waves, this Patrol was friends known as the "Chongqing most dedicated Patrol."

Injured stick to their posts

Patrol dedication touched people

Users to provide this group of photos, the protagonist is a fully equipped,chaussures louboutin hommes, wearing a helmet Patrol. He wore a leather foot, the other foot wear slippers. Wear slippers bandaged leg better.

"This morning I went to the southwest of the hospital, because two cars scraped cause traffic jams. Then came a Qizhuomotuo of Patrol quickly scraped handle accidents, road quickly smooth up ......" photographer " Someone above "Post said, when the weather is hot, the surface temperature is at least 40 degrees Celsius, the Patrol's feet bandaged, busy sweating,?mod=viewthread&tid=1531478, so that he deeply admired.

This group photo was taken with a cell phone, even though the quality is not high, but so many friends a warm heart --- "commendable, and now a good high outside temperatures yo ......" "indeed worthy of applause, under the hot sun drenched Patrol stick to their posts this picture will become a classic, "" a tribute to man Patrol! "...... visit the major sites, like the sound of a netizens.

Rush to work sprained foot

Do not rest on five days of continuous duty

Reporters yesterday cross-checking, and finally found this group of photos in which the hero --- Shapingba District Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment, Xinqiao Hospital, 51-year-old police Guo Jinghai platform.

Guo Jinghai foot is sprained. 16, 6:00 pm, Guo Jinghai homes hurried units. Fearing late, his three-step and two steps down the stairs, only to the original due to a sprained right foot playing hurt, the pain he was squatting down. The same day, learned from the doctor that he did not hurt to the bone after reappeared on Patrol platform.

Yesterday saw their photos online, Guo Jinghai confirmed that attendance at the picture on the 20th morning, the day of his morning shift value. Xinqiao Hospital, police intelligence platform is not too much in the past, only forty-five, but on the 20th day of perhaps the weather is too hot, disputes contradiction more and more vehicles are scraped from morning 7:30 to 15:30, the platform alarm over 25 times.

To take care of the injured Guo Jinghai, a classmate of my colleagues try to accept attendance tasks, leaving him on the platform. 10:00 before, Southwest Hospital entrance occurred two car scraped the accident. Because the platform all the other police the police, leaving Guo Jinghai and traffic volunteers. Guo Jinghai motorcycle immediately rushed to the scene of the accident.

At this point, the road blockage gradually emerged. Removal of the scene, to divert traffic ...... busy twenty minutes, the scene finally restored. Guo Jinghai return limped off the motorcycle, ready to drive away. Then he suddenly discovered that a man was holding a cell phone next to his photographs. "My guess is that he might send photos." said, when he stopped to take pictures of the man's behavior.

Most dedicated Patrol

Mid-Autumn Festival to be on duty until midnight today

Compared to the 20th day of attendance,?mod=viewthread&tid=12531, Guo Jinghai foot injury has improved --- day yesterday could not wear shoes for swollen feet, and now can barely into the shoes of. However, bruising toes still persisted.

"Now is not the impact." See interview with reporters, Guo Jinghai repeatedly said, this is just a trivial matter, declined an interview.

After the reporter learned that Guo Jinghai injured area Patrol Detachment platform and responsible person where he wanted him to rest, but refused. "Platform police much,piumini woolrich,?id=229036, I rest, others coming top class." Guo Jinghai said, everyone has their own work, he did not want to add an extra burden to colleagues.

Reporters learned yesterday from the Municipal Public Security Bureau, was in Geleshan cave police station, police station tianxingqiao worked, because grassroots level, work well, in 2006, when he had made the city Public Security Bureau Zhu Mingguo instructions, call the city police to him learning. From the police for 28 years, he had been awarded a third class three, won two "outstanding civil servants," the title and the Municipal Public Security Bureau of seven awards.

Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, who was friends known as "the most dedicated Patrol", still have to go to work, always on into the night.

To move the platform

One Bridge residents strongly opposed

Since March this year, the National Campus Safety frequent cases. To protect the safety of students, the city police after careful consideration, decided to set up the original bridge in Yuzhong District No. Patrol platform Bashu Middle School moved to the door. Unexpectedly, a small Norwegian-bit platform, actually lead to strong opposition from local residents.

"Many residents living in the vicinity of the bridge are One stop us moving platform, and some branches to the area reflect the situation, even to the Municipal Public Security Bureau to reflect the hope that the platform do not move." Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps, a responsible person told reporters, Yuzhong District police attaches great importance, in a very short period of time to produce a "letter to the residents," One Bridge platform original facade ghetto residents, companies and residential buildings distribute to every household, and promised: Even the platform moved, but routine patrols Patrol will never relax, never ignore "home platform" to ensure that the public is still often seen Patrol presence. This idea was discarded residents.

"It made us strong feelings." The official said that through this small, so he really appreciate the close relationship Patrol platform and public life. Therefore, he hoped that the general public can actively participate in the new location of the audition 200 Patrol platform, and jointly create a safe home.

Lead the battle for the two cells

In August of this year, due to the previous resident, vegetables Yuan Road Riverside International Flora commercial and residential area at the entrance to be built, vegetables Yuan Road Patrol platform had to move, causing a scramble platform war two district residents.

Although the new site and the site of the platform less than 500 meters away, but I heard that the platform be relocated, residents of the community residents near the site of the peace platform Street and Riverside International Huadu district are anxious. They hand to the platform, the police on duty to express a strong desire to find the platform do not want to move out; on the other hand, they spontaneously organized into districts Patrol Detachment, Yuzhong District Branch of Municipal Public Security Bureau even petitioned to leave the platform.

I heard that the relocation of the platform is to be built because the site of residential, commercial, and had to move, residents find developers, but also to the relevant departments Municipal Construction Committee, the Planning Board and other commercial and residential construction inspection where relevant procedures are complete, hope to This suppression of commercial and residential construction, retain live platform.

The Yuen district and nearby residents heard the new site where "Patrol platform to be moved here," the delight. Ran two sets aside three platforms, asking, "What in the end, when the platform to move?" Even the young labor organizations of their own,?mod=space&uid=82480, calling for "help move Patrol." I heard that Green Street and Riverside international community Huadu district residents petitioned to the relevant departments after leaving the platform, Chuk Yuen district nearby residents and also said that going to petition the platform moved quickly.

Here to stay over there to fight, residents of passion dish Yuan Road Patrol platform of police were feeling endless. "From this we can see that the role of thing Patrol platform,air jordan pas cher, see the Patrol's position in the hearts of the people!" Area police have said certain to maintain social order, does not live up to the high expectations of the public.

Additional platform

Willingness to put people first

--- Interview Municipal Public Security Patrol Corps captain Qian Yong Pei

14th of this month,, the city Public Security Bureau for the community to collect new address 200 Patrol platform, the reporter yesterday from the Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps informed and effective public proposal exceeded million. Platform set any specific requirements? Yesterday, the reporter interviewed the Municipal Public Security Bureau of these issues Patrol Corps captain Yong Pei money.

Qian Yong Pei said the Municipal Public Security Bureau to start preparatory work Patrol platform, will give top priority to the people's wishes, and then according to the specific circumstances of the area and the existing distribution platform, comprehensive consideration to determine the new position of the platform.

Qian Yong Pei said that three of seven municipal CHAIRMAN specialized in construction work to strengthen the Patrol platform as one of the people's livelihood event. On the basis of previous work, the Municipal Public Security Bureau will come before the end of next year an additional 200 Patrol platform, bringing the total number of the city reached 500 platform for the "safe Chongqing", "smooth Chongqing" construction to provide a strong guarantee.

Qian Yong Pei stressed that point the police set up a platform of hope after the platform is set to maximize the effectiveness of prevention and control. Therefore, I hope the people at the recommended address, think about the situation of law and order, traffic in the region, as well as the adjacent position Patrol cross-platform,, and strive to achieve rational distribution, seamlessly, to maximize the role of Patrol platform.

This edition written by reporter Tu Jing

[edit] Ugg Deutschland all in spite of hard work and hunger

Wen Yan, who heard the command, have also spread the queue, camp to camp, Buried pot buried pot, looking out to look for firewood firewood, and all of a busy opened and then left again on the side of Yan Wen former army generals said:. 'send a few scouts to town! Beating the city's actual situation. 7 This name generals immediately kicked, was immediately summoned the four lean back loud Scout, the left-Wen Yan orders passed down. The four scouts soon kicked away. If nitrate mountain town in the cast is really in front of empty city, then they go after a few, I'm afraid it never to return. But Who they are scouts too! As a scout, their mission is in front of the unknown status of the investigation, the head ready to put in the hands of the mission, at any time may lose their lives. Duty, not rejected. Fortunately, this time in front of the Glass mountain are not playing empty city. They entered the city, he gave up more than two hours, no matter their search results, or to inquire about the news, the city has been without a Shoubing up. Fellow in town, said the city would have to withdraw Shoubing three days, do not know all gone. The four scouts after another out of the city when the sky already dark. Wen Yan Dajun left outside the city, has long been tied up camp, satiate began rest. Back scout, each one came back, all in spite of hard work and hunger, immediately go to the left Wen Yan report the results of their exploration of the city. Lord sitting on a large account in the left Wen Yan heard four consecutive back scout said, the city has no Shoubing, and he nodded slightly. Large accounts, only he and two bodyguard. Xuan Wei son though to protect him, but never followed him like a shadow. Son Hyun Jun Zhang Wei Wen Yan in the left side of the large accounts. Since these days, every night of camping, are so arranged. Hyun left a child once told Wen Yan, said to his current skill, any movement within meters wide, can not escape his control. Within this range, as long as there is a ray revealed the intention to kill, his mind will be able to sense. So please, Zuo Yan night sleep at ease. In fact, the mysterious into sub-indeed done what he said. Recently, destroy a dozen sects that time, almost every night people come to assassinate him left Wen Yan. As a result, nearly every assassin has not left Wen Yan's large accounts, mysterious into sub-Jun Zhang rushed out of the five years since the Kunlun school uniform young disciples, often, the recipe for those assassins,Ugg Deutschland, it will be these five disciples Kunlun School Weisha. Only twice, then five disciples can not stop, did not wait for that five disciples have room for error, Jun Zhang in the mysterious into sub personally shot. Two shot, mysterious into sub are within a few strokes solved to assassinate the master. The subsequent investigation, the master of the mysterious assassination that two shots Granville, are the main faction. After gone through so many times, left Wen Yan Xuan has no doubt his ability to protect

[edit] Ugg Sale Nederland Doutou is a trick

smiled. Quit eight Midon immediately took a few steps toward the front.' This Dolma really annoying! See how I teach her, 'Tang Xuan voice landing, the day God jumped in the air with out. God mirroring, followed hit a record. Wulong cut, five colored uniform Hong Xiang Dragon. Poseidon City. ancient pterosaurs central location. ancient pterosaurs is Dolma boss used five products, a total of 700,000 units. It was a head with nine branch angle. wearing strange armor Iron Dragon,Ugg Sale Nederland. 'Card Sa. You traitor! Give me go! 'Ancient pterosaurs did not move, it touches the side of the pope move, heavily armed marksman sue upcoming hands up to his face. Synthesis triangle, aiming Who the air five dragon. Dazzling meteor! Deadlines.i ...... red, orange , yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, black, white, gray total of ten colors of light bombs flying in from marksman. mutual haunts hit five dragon. Honghong loud rumbling Pentatonic later. midair suddenly filled with thick smoke. 'cut! 'Tang Xuan strike did not succeed, and immediately began brewing the second attack .. hell seal curse eleven lullaby!, Standing beside the ring eight, wore a black robe big letters curse division roll up his sleeves Suddenly exposed golden arm in the air to draw a totem, the right homeopathic forward push, covering an area of ​​one hundred meters of black lines direct attack Zhao Xiang Dolma four. 'This move can not Yingkang. Hide! 'Dolma drank sound. Riboud, the Pope, the next pope mill boss, ran in three directions, respectively. Ares Riboud not landing heel. Suddenly in front of a flower. Made. It is quit eight came to his in front of Zhang Mu actually considered quasi Riboud direction of escape! 'You're not looking for me to run around fighting it ... what? 'Zhang Mu Haha smile, Doutou is a trick, Yan Long cut, behemoth shield!. Bang!. Bang! Ares tens Riboud was repulsed, but the number of his crotch that only reduces 5000. only ugly monster horse was gone.'d have side shield engraved with the monster head in his left hand. 'Sima Yi you want to deal with that move against me? Misjudge me? 'Riboud gloomy faces that face shield like the hands of the general drip melted into the ground soon solidified into prestige;.. Stern beast' You boss is interesting, but also free to change shape. 'Zhang Mu grinning,' You laugh out? Look at my eleven behemoth Guns N 'Roses! 'Riboud hideous roared. Flashed Yinqiang hundreds of channels on a two-edged light, stabbing dense ring of eight, it would retreat all sealed.' There is a saying listen to one kind of wax silver tips. Probably refers to you, right? 'Zhang Mu really wanted to air Riboud, not only do not flash, not avoid, but went from the front of these guns Mans, the ape king stick round round. Direct pound Ares Riboud's head. Ape king break! Boom! Ares Riboud was good spot to drop back a few tens of meters to quit eight originally fusion. planted decision who has a powerful attack force boss. now also equipped on. ape king stick, attack power is unacceptably high.
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