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circa 1988

  • Guitars: custom Gibson Les Paul Customs (w/ "Bullseye" design) (w/ EMG 81 in bridge, EMG 85 in neck)
  • Effects: Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Wah > Dunlop Rotovibe > Boss SD-1 overdrive > Boss CH-1 chorus
  • Amps: two Marshall JCM800 100w heads with Marshall 4x12 cabs (loaded with 75w 12" Celestion G12Ts)
  • Other: GHS strings (10 - 60)

circa 2007 - present


  • "Bullseye" Gibson Les Paul Customs (black/mirrored, red/natural, black/vintage white)
  • "Buzzsaw" Gibson Les Paul Custom (w/ design taken from a Zippo lighter)
  • "Rebel" Gibson Les Paul Custom (decorated w/ Confederate flag and bottle caps)
  • "Camo Bullseye" Gibson Les Paul Custom (named "Stormin' Norman")
  • "Black Label Society" Gibson Les Paul Custom
  • Jackson Randy Rhoads (custom-made by same luthier that built Randy's guitar, to exact same specs)
  • Dean Razorback (w/ "Bullseye" design; signed and given to him by Dimebag Darrell days before his death; used exclusively for "In This River")
  • Gibson Flying V (w/ "Bullseye" design)
  • Gibson Zakk Wylde ZV Custom guitar
  • Epiphone Graveyard Disciple (new in 2009)
  • GMW Randy Rhoads Flying V (white w/ black polka dots)
  • GMW Randy Rhoads Flying V (black w/ white polka dots) (both custom-made for Wylde in honor of Randy Rhoads; both have Floyd Rose tremolo)
  • Gibson EDS-1275 w/ EMG pickups (as seen in "In This River")
  • Dean "Muddy Bullseye" Splittail (w/ "Bullseye" design)
  • custom Gibson guitar similar to Dean "Muddy Bullseye" Splittail (w/ "Bullseye" design)
  • Gibson EDS-1275 (white w/ gold pickups) (as seen in Osbourne's Live at Budokan DVD, "Mama I'm Comin' Home")
  • Alvarez-Yairi acoustics
  • Gibson Dove acoustic
  • Gibson Chet Atkins acoustic


  • custom 2010 Marshall stacks, with Marshall JCM-800 2203ZW signature heads (w/ GT 6550 tubes) into custom Marshall 2203ZW 4x12 cabs (loaded with EVM12L 300W Black Label Speakers) (up to 24 cabs, reportedly)
  • Marshall 1960TV Cabinet
  • Marshall 1960BX Cabinet
  • Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus (seen at a House of Blues show and confirmed by Zakk in a 2010 interview; used on Order of the Black for clean sounds, and live as his acoustic amp)
  • Marshall Bluesbreaker combo ("Machine Gun Man")
  • Marshall Zakk Wylde MG15MSZW Limited Edition Micro Stack, 10W - 30W (for practice/etc. during tour/private use, especially in hotels and buses)


  • circa June 2011: Dunlop MXR ZW44 Wylde Berzerker Overdrive, Dunlop ZW-45 Zakk Wylde Signature Cry Baby, Dunlop MXR Wylde Phase ZW90, Dunlop MXR Black Label Chorus, Dunlop MXR Carbon Copy
  • possible other pedals: (according to the Dunlop website) Dunlop MXR EVH117 Flanger, Dunlop CAE MC401 Boost/Line Driver
  • previous pedals: Dunlop Rotovibe, MXR EVH Phase 90 (replaced by the Wylde Phase), Dunlop MXR ZW44 Wylde Overdrive (replaced by the same pedal, repackaged as the Berzerker Overdrive), Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive (replaced by the ZW44), Dunlop MXR M-134 Stereo Chorus and/or Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble (replaced by the Black Label Chorus)


  • active EMG 81 and EMG 85 pickups
  • Dunlop Zakk Wylde Signature strings (.010 to .060 gauge)
    • He's also used GHS Boomers (.010-.060) for years, and has signature GHS GBZW Boomers
  • Dunlop Tortex 1.0mm picks (w/ Black Label Society logo and his signature on them)
    • As recently as June 2011, he's been seen with Ultex picks instead of the traditional Tortex.
  • Monster Cable cables
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