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Billy Gibbons

circa 2008 -


  • 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard (sunburst) (aka "Pearly Gates")
  • '50s Gibson Les Paul Goldtop
  • 1958 Gibson Flying V
  • 1961 Gibson SG (cherry red)
  • 1958 Gibson Les Paul (sunburst) ("Just Got Paid")
  • 1962 Gibson Melody Maker (sunburst) (first guitar)
  • Gibson Les Paul 50th Anniversary Corvette
  • various Les Paul Goldtops
  • various Les Paul Juniors
  • 1963 Fender Jazzmaster (white) (Moving Sidewalks)
  • 1960s Fender Esquire (Moving Sidewalks)
  • 1952 Fender Broadcaster ("Jesus Just Left Chicago")
  • 1955 Fender Stratocaster (sunburst) ("La Grange")
  • various Fender Stratocasters (including a pink Strat, given to him by Jimi Hendrix)
  • various Fender Telecasters
  • various Fender Esquires
  • 1955 Gretsch Roundup ("TV Dinners")
  • Gretsch Jupiter Thunderbird (given to him by Bo Diddley)
  • Gretsch Billy-Bo Jupiter Thunderbird (Billy Gibbons/Bo Diddley signature)
  • various custom John Bolin guitars
  • eight custom Robin Artisans (in exotic finishes)
  • custom "Spinning Fur" Dean Z (covered in sheep wool) (as famously seen in "Legs")
  • also see Rock & Roll Gearhead by Billy Gibbons


  • 1968 Marshall 100W Super Lead (the 'Pearly Gates' of Gibbons' amps)
  • at least 3 Marshall JMP-1 Preamps (one is a backup) (recently in his live touring rack)
  • at least 3 Marshall Valvestate 120/9200 Power Amps (one is a backup) (recently in his live touring rack)
  • Marshall cabinets
  • Marshall JCM900 Dual Reverb
  • Marshall Bluesbreaker
  • Marshall JTM45
  • Marshall Major
  • Marshall Lead 12
  • Fender Champ (first amp)
  • Fender Dual Professionals (Gibbons collects these, along with other Fenders)
  • Fender Bassman
  • Fender Tweed Deluxe
  • Crate V-50 Palominos (w/ customized tolex)
  • Goodsell Super 17
  • THD UniValve
  • Tom Scholz Rockman
  • Mojave Scorpion
  • Rio Grande amps
  • Crate cabinets
  • several ZT Lunchbox combo amps (VH-1 Storytellers)


NOTE: Billy Gibbons' pedalboard is mysterious and everchanging (if that was a word). He collects tons of pedals and often features pedals he likes on stage, without plugging them in or using them (he's done this with amps, too, most notably Oranges). Among the many, many pedals he's been seen with:
  • Pro Analog MKIII fuzz pedal (for fuzz)
  • Pro Analog The Power Driver (for clean boost)
  • Pro Analog The Dual Drive (for overdrive)
  • Fulltone Ultimate Octave
  • Fulltone Deja Vibe
  • Boss Super Octave
  • Electro-Harmonix POG
  • AnalogMan Sun Lion
  • Tech 21 NYC Midi Mouse
  • Gibson Maestro Fuzz-Tone
  • Dallas Rangemaster
  • Chandler Tube Driver
  • Metasonix Agonizer
  • Gooby Bag of Dicks
  • SIB Varidrive
  • Marshall Supa Fuzz
  • Black Cat Overdrive
  • Keeley Katana
  • Bixonic Expandoras
  • Z.Vex Nanos
  • Foxx Tone Machines
  • Devi Ever Top Shelf Workhorses
  • Creation Audio MK 4.23 Boost
  • Austone Millennium
  • Blackstone Mosfet Overdrives
  • Furman power conditioners
    • Furman PL-Plus Voltage Regulator
    • Furman AR-1220 Voltage Regulator
  • 2 Samson UHF UR-5D Wireless Systems
  • Korg ToneWorks DTR-1 Rack Tuner
  • Peavey Autograph II Graphic EQs (to match his stage guitars with the sound of "Pearly Gates")
  • Palmer PGA-04 ADIG-LB Speaker Simulator
  • Demeter Silent Speaker Chamber


  • custom Seymour Duncan pickups (wound to his specification by Seymour W. Duncan or Maricela Juarez)
  • .08 Gibson Britewire strings
  • Dunlop Rev. Willy's Mo-Jo Glass Slides
  • Dunlop Rev. Willy's Mexican Lottery Strings
  • Dunlop Rev. Willy's Mexican Lottery Picks
  • He is known for using Mexican pesos as guitar picks, but more recently, has been using the above Dunlop picks, as well as what appear to be Dunlop Tortexs.

Dusty Hill

circa 2008 -


Dusty Hill maintains a large collection of vintage and custom basses, and primarily uses Fenders. Among the instruments he uses:

  • Fender Telecaster Basses
  • Fender Precision Basses
  • Fender Jazz Basses
  • custom John Bolin basses (including a white hollowbody)
  • custom "Spinning Fur" Dean Z (covered in sheep wool) (as famously seen in "Legs")
  • Danelectro Longhorn Bass (studio; all of ZZ Top's First Album)


  • Marshall JCM900 100 watt heads
  • custom Creme 4x12 cabinets loaded with 100-watt Celestions


  • SansAmp Bass DI
  • two Groove Tubes Speaker Emulators
  • two Peavey Autograph II EQ's



Frank Beard

  • Drums: (per Tama website) Tama Starclassic Maple kit: two 18x22 kicks, 6x14 Starclassic Maple Snare, 5.5x10/10x10/6x12 toms, 14x14/16x16/16x18 floor toms, 5x12 second snare
  • Cymbals: (per Paiste website) Paiste 2002 cymbals: 16", 17", 18" and 19" crashes, 16" and 18" chinas, 14" and 15" Medium Hi-Hats, 20" Power Ride, 13" Signature Mega Cup Chime
  • Other: Pro-Mark sticks (TX2SW Hickory 2S and TX440W Hickory 440), Remo drumheads, dDrum triggers, Tama hardware (Iron Cobra Power Glide pedals and 1st Chair Wide-Rider throne)
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