Young Widows

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Evan Patterson

circa early 2011

  • Guitars: 2002 Fender Telecaster (main live guitar), First Act hollowbody (main songwriting guitar)
  • Pedals: Boss EQ > Akai Dual EQ > DigiVerb > MXR Micro Amp > Wah (not yet used) > Akai Headrush > Morley A/B/Y > both outs to Boss reverb > stereo split > stage right DL4 > stage left DL4 > a second Akai Headrush
  • Amps: "a VERELLEN dual preamp controls and a 5150 signature series" through "two huge pieces of furniture with 2x12 for guitar in each"
  • Other: Dunlop .88s, GHS 10s

Nick Thieneman

circa early 2011

  • Basses: 1978 Gibson RD Artist, custom First Act Delgada
  • Pedals: Bluebeard Fuzz Box, Line 6 MS-1, Boss GE-7, Boss TU-3, Boss NS-2, vintage ProCo RAT, Digitech Digiverb
  • Amps: two Ampeg 200Ts w/ Eminence Legend 15" speakers
  • Other: GHS Bass Boomers, Dunlop Nylon .1mm
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