True to Tape

From Geartome

circa 2012


Hardy Sinclair

Brill Wolflake

Hamlet Hallows

  • Basses: 70's Ibanez Jazz Bass Copy (in EADG)
  • Amps: Verellen Meatsmoke > two or four Acoustic B410 cabs
  • Effects: Hahn CT-2 tuner > Epictron Bass-EQ > Farias Rumbledrive > Farias Baby Mangler > TSonix Bass Synth > Vibro Bass Vibe > Hahn ED-6 delay > Epictron Multi-Verb
  • Other: Dean Markley Superrounds, Dunlop picks

Monty Karl

  • Drums: 1960s Ludwig Keystone kit (in White Marine Pearl): 14x24 kick, 9x13 rack tom, 16x16 floor tom; 1920s Ludwig Black Beauty 5x14 snare
  • Cymbals: 15" Paiste Formula 602 Medium Hats, 17" and 18" Paiste Signature Fast Crashes, 20" K Zildjian Heavy Ride
  • Other: Vater 5A sticks, Vic Firth brushes, Remo Coated Ambassadors, Gibraltar kick pedal, Gibraltar and Ludwig hardware, Hahn ED-6 delay
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