Trap Them

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Brian Izzi

circa early 2011

  • Guitars: First Act custom Sheena (w/ EGM 81 pickup), First Act custom Delia LS (w/ 1 EGM 81 pickup). "I like simplicity."
  • Pedals: two Boss Heavy Metal HM-2s (Sanders McCarthy mod (?)), Boss Noise Suppressor, Boss TU-2, MXR Carbon Copy, Boss Loop Station, Whirlwind A/B/Y
  • Amps: Ampeg V4B, Ampeg V4; "I’ve also used Sunn 200S, Marshall JCM 800 100 watt, Marshall JMP 100 watt"
  • Other: Strings: GHS Boomers custom pack (.060, .054, .036, .020, .017, .015), Dunlop Tortex .73mm picks

Stephen LaCour

circa early 2011
"I’ve got a Gibson Ripper, a Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass, and I’m about a week away from a First Act Delia Custom. I use a Verellen Meatsmoke head and a Boss Blues Driver pedal. Hopefully going to pick up a Fulltone OCD soon."

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