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circa 2011 Questlove regularly uses different kits and setups; this is what he's been known to frequently use as of 2011.

  • Drums: Yamaha Absolute Maple Nouveau: 24x18 or 22x18 kick, 14x14 floor tom, 16x16 or 18x16 floor toms, 14x3.5 or/and 14x5.5 snare
  • Cymbals: Zildjian: 14" Vintage Constantinople hi-hats, 20" Oriental Crash of Doom, 24" K Constantinople Light Ride
  • Other: Vic Firth sticks (7A American Classic, Ahmir ?uestlove Thompson Signature (SAT)), Yamaha SubKick, Remo heads (Coated/Clear Ambassadors and Powerstroke 3)

Captain Kirk Douglas

circa 2011

  • Guitars: Gibson '69 SG Custom, Gibson Custom CS-356, Gibson Les Paul Custom (w/ P90s), Gibson Jimmy Page, Gibson ES-335, Gibson J-200, Gibson Hummingbird, Gibson Dusk Tiger, 61' Epiphone Crestwood
  • Amps: Mesa Boogie Stiletto Ace (w/ EL34), Mesa Boogie Lone Star Special (W/ EL84s), Mesa Boogie 4x12 cabinets, Divided by 13 amps and pedals
  • Pedals: Line 6 DL4, Ibanez Tube Screamer, Empress Tremolo, Maxon Phase Tone, Durham Electronics Sex Drive, Dunlop Hendrix Wah, MXR Phase 45, Boss tuner

Owen Biddle

circa 2010/2011

  • Basses: custom CallowHill OBS 6-string bass; CallowHill The J(unk) 6; Burns Marquee Bass
  • Amps: Ampeg BA600/210, Ampeg Micro-VR (with two SVT210AV cabs) (Late Night), Ampeg PF-500 head (with PF-210HE and PF-115HE cabs), Ampeg B100R (studio)
  • Effects: TWA Triskelion Harmonic Energizer TK- 01 (with Godlyke-modded Roland EV-5); MI Audio Crunch Box; EHX Bass MicroSynth; EHX Holy Grail Plus
  • Other: Thomastik-Infeld JF346 Nickel Flatwounds; DR Nickel Lo-Riders; Mono Case cases and straps

Damon "Tuba Gooding Jr." Bryson

  • Sousaphone: Conn 20K
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