The Killers

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Brandon Flowers

  • Keyboards: Korg microKORG, Korg MS-2000B, Alesis Ion, Clavia Nord Lead 2, Roland JP-8000

Dave Keuning

  • Guitars: Gibson ES-335, Gibson Flying V, Gibson Les Paul, Gibson J-45, Fender Starcaster, Fender Stratocaster, Ibanez Destroyer, Ibanez AE Classical Guitar
  • Amps: two 2x12 Fender Devilles, Hiwatt DG103 head and Hiwatt 4x12 cabinet
  • Pedals: (in Voodoo Lab GCX Audio Switcher Loops) two Keeley-modded Ibanez TS9s (phat mod and baked mod), Boss DD-6, two MXR Phase 100s, Keeley-modded EHX Big Muff Pi, Keeley-modded Ibanez AD99, Keeley-modded Ibanez AC99, Digitech Whammy, T-Rex RoomMate, Tone Freak Buff Puff, Fishman Aura Classical Pedal (acoustic), Fishman Aura Dreadnought Pedal (acoustic)
  • Picks: Dunlop Nylon (0.60mm, 0.73mm and 1.00mm)
  • Other: Axess Electronics FX1+ expansion board, MIDI foot controllers w/ Axess CFX4 switchers and custom-made Axess Deville footswitch interfaces; Furman AR15 Voltage Regulator, Lectrosonics Wireless Units, Zaolla and Mogami cables

Mark Stoermer

  • Basses: Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Basses, Fender Vintage Precision Bass, Rickenbacker 4001, Guild Starfire, Hofner 500/1
  • Amps: Ampeg SVT-CL head and 8x10 SVT cabinets; Hiwatt Custom 200 heads (one dirty, one clean) and Hiwatt SE-1510 4x10/1x15 cabs; Fender Deville 2x12"
  • Pedals: Boss DS-1, Boss GE-7, Boss GEB-7, two modded Boss BD-2s, Keeley-modded EHX Big Muff Pi, EHX Sovtek Big Muff, TC Electronic Chorus/Flanger, MXR Phase 100
  • Other: Gibson SG (on "For Reasons Unknown"), GHS Bass Boomers (medium-gauge), Dunlop Nylon 1.00mm picks, Zaolla cables

Ronnie Vannucci Jr.

  • Drums: Craviotto kit (in either maple or mahogany wood): 24x14 kick, 14x6.5 snare, 13x9 rack tom, 16x16 and 18x16 floor toms
  • Cymbals: Zildjian: 18" K Constantinople Crash/A Ride Hi-Hats, 22" K Medium Thin High Ride (with rivets), 24" K Light Ride, 22" K Light Ride
  • Other: DW 9000 pedals and hardware, Remo heads, Protection Racket cases, Latin Percussion percussion, Zildjian Ronnie Vannucci Artist Series Drumsticks
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