The Dead Weather

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see also: The Raconteurs, The Kills, The White Stripes


Alison Mosshart

  • Guitars: custom Gretsch Bo Diddley
  • Amps: Fender Twin Reverb (probably)
  • Other: tambourine

Dean Fertita

  • Guitars: custom Gretsch White Falcon
    • Effects: (board also used by Jack) Dunlop Rotovibe JD-45, DigiTech Whammy, Voodoo Lab Tremolo, EHX Nano Bassballs, EHX Big Muff, EHX Micro POG, Boss TU-2, MXR Micro Amp
    • Amps: two Fender Twin Reverbs
  • Keyboards: Moog Little Phatty II, vintage Korg CX-3, Wurlitzer electric piano

Jack Lawrence

Jack White

  • Drums: Ludwig Classic Maple kit in Black Oyster Pearl: 16x26 kick, 5x16 snare, 12x14 marching snare, 7x16 rack tom, 14x16 floor tom, two 16x16 floor toms
  • Cymbals: Paiste 2002: 24" crash, 24" ride, two 16" crashes as hi-hats (with Rhythm Tech Hat Trick)
  • Electronics: Bentley Rhythm Ace drum machine
  • Other: blank Vater Studio sticks, Ludwig Weather Master heads, double bass pedal
  • Guitars: custom Gretsch Billy-Bo Jupiter Thunderbird, custom Gretsch Rancher ("Veronica Lake"), Daddy Mojo Cigar Box Guitar
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