The Black Angels

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Christian Bland

  • Guitars: 1965 Jaguar, Gretsch Country Gentleman, '67 Gretsch Tennesseean, Rickebacker 340, Epiphone Casino, etc.
  • Pedals: Christian's rig has included a Fulltone Tube Tape Echo, DBA Interstellar Overdrive, Ibanez Tubescreamer, Boss TU-2, 1967 Fuzzface, 1960s Vox V846 wah, EHX Holy Grail (which all of the members use apparently, even for vocals), Russian EHX Big Muff, EHX Memory Man, Prescription Experience, Prescription Yardbox, and a Gibson Maestro-Fuzz reissue.
  • Amps: modded '65 Reissue Twin w/ two 80-watt speakers
  • Other:

Kyle Hunt

  • Basses: 1972 Jazz Bass, Eastwood Classic 4, EKO 955/2 Violin Bass (w/ flatwound strings), etc.
  • Guitars: Gretsch Country Gentleman, '67 Gretsch Tennesseean (which Hunt uses or plans to use live), Rickenbacker 340, Epiphone Casino, etc.
  • Keyboards: Rheem Mark VII, Vox Jaguar (not sure if any of these are used live or not), etc.
  • Effects: Echoplex EP4 on his keyboards. His rig also includes a Prescription Overdrive, Fulltone OCD, Demeter tremolo, Z.Vex Super Duper, and a Voodoo Labs power supply.
  • Amps: '66 Pro Reverb w/ Jensen speakers (he also has a Fender Dual Showman, a Bandmaster cab, and a pilfered 2x12 cabinet)
  • Other:


Nate Ryan uses a late '60s Sunn Scepter and a Bandmaster cab. They also use a Vibrolux, according to the Fender website.

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