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circa 2010

Chuck Fay

  • Basses: '78 Jazz Bass, '70s Hondo P-Bass copy (w/ G&L MFD pickup), '70s unknown (possibly Fernandes) Japanese EB-0 copy, Ken Smith 5-string fretless (went missing in 2010), '58 P-Bass (studio), Hofner Violin Bass (studio), various Rickenbackers (studio)
  • Pedals: Bass > Keeley Looper > one signal to Boss tuner, one signal to > DigiTech Whammy > Radial JDI DI > one signal out to PA, one signal to > Fulltone Mosfet Bass-Drive > Crowther Hotcake > SansAmp Bass Driver DI > one signal to PA, one signal to amps
  • Amps: Ampeg SVT-350 head > Acoustic 8x10 cab
  • Other: Ernie Ball strings (usually Hybrid Slinkys; .045 - .105), BBE Supa-Charger
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