Stanley Clarke

From Geartome

circa 2011
(from Premier Guitar)




  • various Alembics
  • Alembic Series I short-scale electric tenor bass (cocobolo top and back, padauk core, maple-and-padauk neck w/ ebony fretboard, maple accent laminates)
  • Alembic electric (burled buckeye top and back, padauk core, maple-and-purpleheart neck, ebony fretboard with mother-of-pearl barn-swallow inlays)
  • Alembic Signature Standard (w/ Bigsby)
  • two custom 34" Spellbinder Sibling electrics (designed and built by Thomas Lieber and Rick Turner)
  • Lowenherz Stanley Clarke signature model
  • Fender Marcus Miller Jazz Bass
  • Kenny Smith Flying Vee


  • 2008 Lemur Music custom upright (w/ removable neck and Underwood pickup)


  • EBS OctaBass
  • EBS BassIQ
  • EBS MicroBass II
  • EBS DynaVerb
  • EBS Stanley Clarke Signature Wah
  • two Alembic F-1X tube preamps
  • Rodenberg GAS 707B Boost
  • TC Electronic GSystem


  • Ampeg SVT-2PRO head > Pro Neo PN-410HLF cab (for upright)
  • Ampeg SVT-4PRO head > two Pro Neo PN-410HLF cabs and two 1x10 cabs (for electric)


  • LaBella stainless electric strings (custom wound by Richard Cocco)
  • LaBella 7720S solo double-bass strings
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