Over the Rhine

From Geartome

circa December 2011

  • Guitars: Lowden O-32 (w/ Sitka spruce top, rosewood back/sides) and Lowden O-25C (w/ cedar top, rosewood back/sides), both jumbo size and tuner one whole step lower than standard tuning (DGCFAD); they also used Joe Henry’s 1953 Gibson CF-100 for the song “Undamned” on The Long Surrender
  • Amplification: Fishman Acoustic Matrix Natural 1 (O-32), Fishman Ellipse Blend (O-25C), Fishman preamp/DI (Detweiler), Radial JD-1 DI (Bergquist)
  • Other: Ernie Ball Earthwood medium-gauge strings, Shubb brass 12-string capo, Dunlop .73mm nylon picks
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