Ocean Blue

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David Schelzel

circa 1994

  • Guitars: Fender American '52 Telecaster, 1964 Gretsch Double Anniversary (two-tone green), 1967 Fender Telecaster Deluxe, 1964 Rickenbacker 330 12-string, 1972 Gibson Gospel acoustic (DI > PA)
  • Rig: DOD FX-10 Bi-Fet Preamp > Ibanez TS-808 > MXR Phase 90 > Roland DEP-5 Multi-FX > two DOD FX-10 Bi-Fet Preamps > two Vox Cambridge 1x12 amps
    • the first FX-10 is used for solo boosts/loud passages; the two other FX-10s boost the output of the DEP-5
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