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circa 2008


  • Guitars: Gibson L5-S, white Stratocaster, green Stratocaster, Gibson B-25 (or something similar), Gibson Les Paul Standard
  • Pedals: Boss TU-2, Boss GE-5, Boss DD-20, Ibanez TS9, Empress Tremolo, ProCo Rat, Vox wah, Dimebag Darrell wah
  • Amps: Fender Twin Reverb (?)


  • Pedals: (although there's also a photo of bassist Matthew Asti working with this pedalboard) Boss TU-2, EHX POG, Dimebag Darrell wah, Jacques Bat Fuzz, Maxon phaser, Fulltone Full-Drive 2, two other Boss pedals (?)


  • Keyboards/Synths: Nord Electro 3, Moog Little Phatty, Access Virus TI Polar, Yamaha DX-7 (used in early 2008 before being replaced by the Access Virus)
  • Pedals: EHX Deluxe Memory Man and Moogerfooger delay (used with Little Phatty, I believe)


  • Rickenbacker bass
  • Korg Mono/Poly (their favorite synth, reportedly)
  • Ludwig drums, Aquarian heads

circa 2009

  • misc. amps (Fender, Orange, Marshall, Vox)


  • Guitars: 1970s Gibson L5-S, sunburst Les Paul (R9?), Fender Stratocaster, custom Saint Blues 61 South (named "Bette Midler" by Andrew)
  • Pedals: ProCo Rat 2, Line 6 DL4, Fulldrive 2, Dimebag Darrell wah (or standard Crybaby), Empress Tap Tremolo, Micro Q-Tron, Boss TU-2


  • Guitars: black Les Paul, Fender Stratocaster
  • Pedals: wah pedal of some sort, Maxon phaser, Jacques Bat Fuzz, EHX POG, Boss TU-2
  • Synth: Roland Juno?

circa 2010/2011


  • Guitars: Gibson L5-S, custom Saint Blues 61 South, 1961 Martin D-18, Fender Stratocaster
  • Pedals: ProCo Rat 2


  • Keyboards/Synths: two Edirol PCR 500 midi keyboards live (with a Mac (one used, one for backup)), Minimoog Voyager



  • Drums: C&C Custom

pedalboard of either James or Andrew, circa late 2010

  • Roland EV-5 Expression Pedal
  • Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter
  • SubDecay Quasar Phase Shifter
  • Malekko Analog Chorus
  • Soda Meiser Fuzz Pedal (original)
  • Morley Classic Wah Pedal
  • T-Rex Replica Delay
  • Empress Superdelay
  • Empress Tap Tempo Tremolo
  • Malekko Chicklet Reverb
  • ZVex Fuzz Factory
  • Crowther Audio Hot Cake
  • Boss TU-2 Tuner

used on Congratulations

  • original EMT 250 reverb unit
  • EMS Synthi A (through a Roland Space Echo on "Siberian Breaks")
  • Gakken SX-150
  • Synton Fenix
  • Suzuki Omnichord
  • Casio DG-20 guitar synth
  • Five12 Numerology ("Siberian Breaks")
  • Roland Space Station ("Siberian Breaks")
  • 1962 Fender Jazz Bass
  • 1976 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe
  • 1978 Guild F-412 12-string
  • 1966 Fender Electric XII
  • Rickenbacker 4001 bass
  • Sonnox Oxford plugins (including either EQ or reverb, or both)
  • miscellaneous rented vintage gear from Neve, Neumann, Teletronix and AKG
  • tracking: Pro Tools 8 LE on Mac G5, through a Toft ATB32 console for monitoring
  • synths: BAE 1272 module, Toft ATB32, Chandler Limited TG-2 Abbey Road Special Edition Mic Preamp
  • guitars: Coles 4038 or Beyerdynamic M160 > Neve 1081
    • amps: ZT Lunchbox, 1950s Galanti, Marshall JMP, Fender Champ, Fender Super Reverb
  • bass: Ampeg Portaflex Fliptop > Neumann U87 and AT4047/SV > Neve 1081 (or direct: bass > Neve 1081 > UA 1176 or Teletronix LA-2A
  • drums: AKG C12s, Neumann U67s, Shure SM57s, Audio-Technica AT4047/SV > Neve 1081 or API 312
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