Keb' Mo'

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circa 2001

(from Acoustic Guitar magazine)

  • BAND GIGS: Martin or Epiphone flattop, Beltona electric resophonic, Epiphone Sheraton (Sheraton into a Mesa Boogie Mark IV, acoustics into a SWR California Blonde)
  • SOLO GIGS: above guitars, 1995 steel-bodied National, Martin dreadnought Keb' Mo' signature model (direct to the mixing board)
  • STUDIO: (The Door) Goodall koa-body w/ cedar top, Martin acoustic, Beltona electric resophonic ("It Hurts Me Too"), Larry Pogreba aluminum resonator guitar ("Don't You Know"), Epiphone Bluesmaster
    • Highlander pickups (in the resophonics)
    • D'Addario phosphor-bronze medium-gauge strings (resophonics)
    • D'Addario phosphor-bronze light-gauge strings (acoustics)
    • D'Addario nickel light-gauge strings (electrics)
    • Jim Dunlop plastic thumbpicks and metal fingerpicks
    • Fender/D'Addario heavy flatpicks
    • black ceramic Moonshine Mudslides

circa 2010/2011

(from his official website)

  • custom Stratocaster ("that RED guitar") (main guitar) ("This is the one that is the most Keb' Mo'." - Keb' Mo')
  • red Hamer w/ Gibson pickups (main live guitar, "workhorse guitar")
  • Epiphone Sheraton (lost in 2010 Nashville flood)
  • Danelectro Selectomatic (studio only) (lost in 2010 Nashville flood)
  • National Style N
  • National Resorocket
  • Beltona resophonic
  • Gibson Keb' Mo' signature model acoustic (based on the Epiphone Bluesmaster)
  • custom James Goodall parlor acoustic
  • Galveston resonator guitar (ES-335-shaped, w/ P90)
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