Hot Club of Cowtown

From Geartome

Whit Smith

circa 2001

  • 1925 Gibson L-5 (24 ¾-inch scale, w/ .014 and.018-gauge strings on top, and regular bronze .012s for the last four strings)
    • DeArmond pickup, "smooshed on with office putty", which "won’t damage the finish, makes it very easy to move the pickup on and off, and also deadens the top a little bit, to cut back on feedback"
    • in the studio, signal run simultaneously through '50s Fender Pro (isolated) and '50s Fender Harvard (in the same room where bass and fiddle were tracking)
    • live, 1938 Gibson EH-150 amp

Elana James

circa 2008 - present

  • 1962 Mittenwald violin > L.R. Baggs pickup > AER amplifier
    • Dominant ball-end violin strings

Matt Weiner

circa 2001

  • World War II-era German flatback bass
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