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Page Hamilton

circa late 2010, from What's That Dude Play?

  • Guitars: ESP Horizon Custom "Magenta", ESP Page Hamilton Signature I, ESP Page Hamilton MG, and other ESP guitars (mostly Horizons)
  • Amps: two Fryette PitBull Ultra-Lead half-stacks
  • Effects: Bradshaw rack with Korg STD 2000, TC M1XL, Furman conditioner, and one pedal drawer accessed with a Bradshaw switcher, w/: Boss RV-2, Boss NS-2, DigiTech Whammy RI, Frostwave Sonic Alienator, MXR Bass Octave, Prescription Electronics Outbox, and Tech 21 XXL
    • On his pedalboard next to the Bradshaw switcher: Boss TU-2, Boss PS-5, Teese Real McCoy, Teese Vox RI wah, Boss wah
  • Other: D'Addario strings, DiMarzio Airzone pickups
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