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circa 2007 - 2010


Yannis Philippakis

  • Guitars: at least two Travis Bean TB-1000S electrics, Fender Mustang
  • Effects: (c. 2010:) Boss TU-2, Boss DD-3, Boss RV-5 (or 3), EHX Nano Holy Grail, Klon Centaur, Empress Superdelay, Telenordia TK-23 Kompressor, Voodoo Labs Pedal Power; vintage Echoplex
  • Amps: Hiwatt Custom 50 head/cab (after using a Vox AC30 for a long time)

Jack Bevan

  • Drums: SJC drums (and reportedly, Tama and Pearl): 22x18" kick, 10x10" rack tom, 16x16" floor tom; Yamaha black brass snare (or possibly SJC snare with Yamaha wood on top)
  • Cymbals: Zildjian cymbals:
    • The Zildjian website lists: 14" A Zildjian Armand hi-hats, 21" A Zildjian Sweet Ride, 17" A Custom Projection Crash
    • Facebook page says: 13.25" K Custom Hybrid hats, 17" K Custom Hybrid Crash, 20" K Constantinople Hi-Bell Thin Ride Low
  • Other: Remo heads, Pro-Mark and Vic Firth sticks

Jimmy Smith

  • Guitars: Gibson Les Paul Junior Special (w/ P90s), Fender Telecaster, Fender Jaguar, Danelectro '59
  • Pedals: (c. 2010:) DigiTech Whammy, Crowther Hotcake, MXR Micro Amp, Line 6 DL4, Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2, EHX Nano Holy Grail, Boss DD-3, Boss OC-3, Boss TU-2, Boss RV-5, Boss RE-20
  • Amps: Vox AC30 (which reportedly has been replaced by an unidentified new amp)

Edwin Congreave

  • Keyboards: Fender Rhodes Stage Piano , Korg MS-20 (pretty sure; some say MS-10, though)
  • Effects: Line 6 DL4

Walter Gervers

  • Basses: Fender Jazz Bass
  • Pedals: (c. 2007:) Boss TU-2, Boss GE-7, T-Rex Bass Juice, Tech 21 SansAmp ParaDriver
  • Amps: unknown amp
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