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Charlie Simpson

  • Guitars: PRS Modern Eagle, PRS Custom 22 (both with EMG 89s), Gibson Gothic Explorer, Gibson Les Paul Standard, Fender Telecaster ("Palahniuk's Laughter" video), Epiphone John Lennon ("We Apologise for Nothing" video)
  • Amps: Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier into 4x12 Mesa cab and 2x12 Mesa head cab
  • Pedals: Boss tuner, Boss digital delay, Dunlop CryBaby, Mesa channel selector, MIDI controller
  • Other: Dunlop Tortex .66mm picks

Alex Westaway

  • Guitars: Gibson SG New Century, Gibson SG Special, Gibson SG Faded, Gibson Les Paul Standard ("Palahniuk's Laughter" video), Fender Telecaster, Fender Stratocaster
  • Amps: Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier into 4x12 Mesa cabinet
  • Pedals: Boss tuner, Boss digital delay
  • Other: Dunlop Tortex .66mm picks

Dan Haigh

  • Basses: Gibson Explorer, Warwick Double Buck
  • Amps: Mesa Bass Preamp into Mesa 8x12 cabinet

Omar Abidi

  • Cymbals: Meinl: 14" Mb20 Heavy Soundwave Hi-Hats, 24" Mb20 Pure Metal Ride, 17"/18"/19" Mb20 Heavy Crashes, 13" Byzance Traditional Medium Hi-Hats, 10" Byzance Traditional Splash, Chris Adler Signature Ride
  • Drums: custom DW kit
  • Sticks: Pro-Mark Millenium II
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