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Joe Trohman

circa early 2011


  • '93 Fender Tele American Standard (sunburst, no chambered body, w/ DiMarzio pickups (Fast Track T Bridge, True Velvet Neck))
  • Fender Tele Black Top (chambered body, w/ stock pickups)
  • Fender Squire prototype signature model (chambered body, tobacco burst, individual pickup selector, three volumes for each pickup, one master tone, kill switch) (pickups: DiMarzio PAF humbucker, stock middle single coil, DiMarzio Bluesbucker neck)
  • Zemaitis Custom Shop (w/ engraved metal front, DiMarzio PAF Humbucker in neck, Bluesbucker in bridge)


  • Amps: Orange Thunderverb 200W head > Orange 4x12
  • Pedals: Fulltone Clyde Deluxe wah > Way Huge Swollen Pickle > Way Huge Aqua Puss > MXR Phase 90 > Boss OC-3 > Xotic Effects boost > DigiTech Whammy
  • Picks: "I’ll use any picks as long as they aren’t really light-gauge. I normally stick with medium Tortex picks."
  • Strings: "I’ll use any strings that are 52-10. Usually I go between Dean Markley and DR."

Andy Hurley

  • Drums: C&C Custom
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