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Jebb Riley

circa early 2011

  • Basses: homemade Warmoth bass (w/ maple Warmoth p-body and j-neck, Seymour Duncan QPs and assorted hardware), '78 Fender P-Bass (w/ Warmoth replacement neck), custom First Act Delgada, and "a couple custom basses I built for myself when I was working in the First Act Custom Shop. One I totally designed myself, it’s modeled sort of after a Harmony H75… but a bass. It has a mahogany body, maple neck, 3 Darkstar pickups, various knobs, switches and an EMG boost switch. It’s a great bass."
  • Pedals: Boss GEB-7 EQ (w/ mids boosted), Boss tuner
  • Amps: Sunn Coliseum, Orange AD200B, Ampeg 8x10 Skunkworks cab

Nate Newton

circa early 2011

  • Guitars: Gibson '61 RI SG (antique ebony), Ampeg Dan Armstrong Reissue, custom First Act Delgada
  • Pedals: 535Q wah, MXR Micro Amp, EVH Phase 90, Boss DD7, HAO Sole Pressure, Crimson Cock (red rooster clone)
  • Amps: Orange OR50 > Orange 4x12, Orange 2x12
  • Other: Mogami cables
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