Cut Copy

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circa 2009 - 2011


Dan Whitford

  • Cubase
  • Mac laptop
  • DSI Poly Evolver (with a DD-3 on top)
  • Yamaha CS80
  • SC Prophet 5
  • Roland Juno-106
  • Fender Jaguar
  • Vox AC30
    • ...also, see what else you can find in Dan Whitford's "work set-up" here
    • ...and what appears to be (from the shoes) Whitford's guitar pedalboard (but might be Tim's) here

Tim Hoey

  • Fender Jazzmaster
  • Vox AC30(s)
    • ...also, see what appears to be Dan's guitar pedalboard (but might be Tim's) here

Ben Browning

  • Fender P-Bass
  • Ampeg amp/cab

Mitchell Scott

  • Pearl drums
  • Zildjian cymbals
  • Vic Firth sticks
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