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Ryan Patterson

circa late 2010/early 2011

  • Guitars: First Act Custom Delgada (silver burst, stainless steel frets, scale length/wood based on '70s Les Paul Custom, Seymour Duncan pickups (Pearly Gates bridge, P-Rails neck), Planet Waves tuners), Fender Telecaster Deluxe Reissue (Mexican) (black, w/ Seymour Duncan pickups (Stag Mag bridge, P-Rails neck, w/ toggle switches), Planet Waves tuners)
  • Pedals: "I have a lot of pedals floating around and often switch them out, but on the pedal board right now is: Boss tuner, Boss noise suppressor, Boss EQ, Boss tremolo, Boss delay (DD7 or 6?), Crybaby wah, Electro Harmonix Micro POG, Gearmanndude boost, Morley A/B, Akai Headrush… Too much shit, I mainly use the delay. I also swear by the SKB PS45 pedal board."
  • Amps: Marshall JCM800 2203 100watt, Marshall JCM800 2204 50watt > custom Emperor cabs: 6x12 w/ Weber GT65s, two 4x12s with Celestion 6T75S (Patterson also uses a Verellen custom Slando SLO100 clone and an Emperor custom 60w head)
  • Other: Dunlop Nylon .88s or .1mm picks, GHS Boomers Low 11-53 strings
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