Cave In

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Adam McGrath

circa early 2011 "For guitars I have a ‘78 Gibson SG- “The SG” with an EMG pick up. I bought it for $400 out of the ‘Want Ads” book pre-internet days back when I was in high school. I also have a ‘68 Gibson Les Paul Custom with three humbuckers. Both guitars have the Ernie Ball Heavy Bottom strings 10-52 gauge. I run those through assorted effects ranging from pitch shifting delays, digital delay, analogue delay, phaser, tremolo, distortion/over drive etc. My amp of choice is an original SUNN 1000s through a Fender re-issue Sunn 4x12."

Steve Brodsky

circa late 2010/early 2011 "For Cave In, I’ve primarily used a black-bodied Guild from the 70’s for about 10 years. And I usually string it with Heavy Bottom’s. Sounds good through an old Model T, the version in particular that Sunn made with a mid-selector switch. Then I run all that through various effects - mostly a combination of distortion, delay & pitch-shifter. Oh, and Dunlop has this pick called “The Wedge” that I started using about a year ago."

Caleb Scofield

circa late 2010 "My current setup is a P-bass or Grabber through a split-signal setup. At stage right, it's a '74 SVT through an Ampeg 8x10 cab, and stage left is whatever random solid-state head I pull from the shelf powering an old Sunn 1x18, which is my new favorite toy after replacing the speakers with an 800watt Eminence. For pedals, it kind of changes often, but mostly I run a Fulltone two-channel overdrive at all times, Boss bass overdrive, Boss DD6 digital delay, and Boss RC20 XL. The delay and sampler are mainly for live segues as they don't get incorporated much otherwise."

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