Built to Spill

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Doug Martsch

  • Guitars: 1988 Fender Deluxe Stratocaster, various Stratocasters and Telecasters
  • Effects:
    • c. 1995: ProCo Rat
    • c. 1999: Buddha wah, Danelectro Daddy-O, Boss DD-5, Arion Stage Tuner, Digitech Pre-Amp multi-FX unit
    • c. 2007/8: Fulltone OCD, EHX 16-Second Delay RI (replaced an Echoplex), various unidentified boutique and/or custom pedals
  • Amps: Fender Bassmans (currently), Tremoluxes, Twins, Twin Reverbs, and Tonemasters

Brett Netson

  • Basses:
    • c. 1999: Godin SD
  • Amps:
    • c. 1999: Ampeg SVT head w/ 2x15 cab
    • c. 2008: Fender BF Princeton, second vintage amp re-housed in wooden cabinet
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