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Damon Albarn

Graham Coxon

live 1993

from GuitarGeek

  • Fender '52 Telecaster RI/Gibson Les Paul Custom RI > Boss DD-3 > Boss VB-2 > ProCo Rat II > ProCo Rat II > Boss PN-2 > Boss BF-2 > two 100W Marshall Super Leads > two Marshall 1968 4x12 cabs (w/ Marshall PB100 Power Brake Attenuators)

live 2006

from Guitarist Magazine, April 2006

  • Guitars: blonde 1968 Fender Telecaster (w/ old "logo'd" Gibson HB in the neck) and other Teles
  • Pedals: (on custom pedalboard:) Boss NS-2, Boss CS-2, Boss DD-2, Boss DD-3, Boss VB-2, Boss PN-2, Boss BF-2, DOD Punkifier, 1960s Japanese Shin-Ei Fuzz, two ProCo RAT IIs (also at some point used a Boss DM-2, EHX Holy Grail, and Boss TU-2)
  • Amps: 100W 1959 Marshall Super Lead and RI '60s 50W Marshall Lead heads into 4x12 cabs, Marshall PB100 Power Brake, THD Hot Plate

Alex James

  • Basses: Gibson Thunderbird (live c. 1991), Fender Precision (all albums until The Great Escape and all live performances), Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay (Blur, 13, live c. 1997 - 2000), Gibson Les Paul Studio (Think Tank, live c. 2003), Epiphone El Capitan semi-acoustic (live c. 2003)
  • ProCo RATs (two for "Song 2")

Dave Rowntree

  • Yamaha kit (all albums until Blur)
  • Pearl kit (Blur - Think Tank)
  • Slingerland kit (Think Tank - present)
  • Zildjian cymbals
  • Pro-Mark 7A American Hickory sticks
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