Bill Frisell

From Geartome

  • Guitars: two Klein electrics (main one w/ chambered spruce body and rosewood neck, Seymour Duncan JB in bridge position, Bartolini 5J in middle, Tele p/u at neck, piezo p/u in bridge), three Andersen guitars (one model 17 archtop, one model 14 archtop), Yanuziello guitars
    • Other guitars: 1975 Fender Stratocaster reissue, 1974 Fender Telecaster, Gibson SG, 1961 Gibson J-45, Gibson 446, Collings D-1 dreadnought, Gibson 446 semi–hollowbody electric, Martin mahogany 12-fret 000-15S (w/ Seymor Duncan Mag Mic pickup), J.W. Black-built Jazzmaster (w/ Seymour Duncan P-90), Tacoma Papoose, and many others
  • Amps: 22w 1x10 Fender Princeton Reverb, 20w 1x10 Mesa Boogie Subway Blues, early-'50s Gibson GA-18 and GA-50, Mesa Boogie Blue Angel, external mic for acoustic guitars
  • Effects: ProCo RAT, Ibanez Tube Screamer, Line 6 DL4, Boss DD1 (for ambience), Lexicon MPX100 (reverb), TC Electronic comp, EHX 16-second delay, Digitech 8-second delay, Alesis Microverb, volume pedal
  • Other: D'Addario strings, mainly EXL115; teardrop-shaped Gibson flatpicks
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