Beach House

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"We use a four-track for our beats, and a collection of organs we have acquired from various whereabouts. Alex plays a Stratocaster, and I have an old Yamaha keyboard that’s the same age as me."

Alex Scally

  • Guitars: Fender Stratocaster.
  • Pedals: Boss reverb pedal (and possibly others).
  • Amps: tweed Peavey amp.
  • Other: -

Victoria Legrand

  • Keyboards: Yamaha PS-20 (main live keyboard), Korg Polyphonic Ensemble, Kimball Caravan organ, etc., etc.
  • Pedals: Line 6 Verbzilla and Boss RV-5 (and possibly others).
  • Amps: -
  • Other: -


On Devotion, most of the backing vocals were recorded with a Beyer M160. The lead vocals were recorded with a Gefell UM92. It was tracked mostly on ProToolsHD and summed through a MCI JH636 console. Mics for the guitar parts included the M160, Senn421, and possibly a Gefell UM92 (distant mics on guitar parts were AT 4050s, either one or occasionally two in spaced omni). Much of the percussion was from an organ; there are lots of various percussion overdubs throughout however. The guitar tones produced on the album involved using a 1983 Fender Super Champ, a 1966 Bassman head through a 12" cab, Hamptone mic preamp distortion, and varying degrees of room. The clean vocal reverb sounds are from a TC M3000; the dirtier ones from an Eventide H3000. Some of the backing vocals were re-amped through a PA in the room, and tracked to Pro Tools. The "Used To Be" single was done to 2" 24 track, and mixed on the MCI JH-600 console with no computers involved.

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