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Dave Konopka

circa 2007 - 2011

  • Guitars: Gibson Les Paul Custom (3-pickup), G&L ASAT Bass
  • Pedals: two Line 6 DL4s, Boss PS-1, Boss PS-3, Boss TU-2, EHX Micro POG, EHX POG 2, Fulltone OCD, EHX Holy Grail, Gibson Echoplex (w/ footswitch), Boss AB-2, B Sharp Music Malazadas boost/distortion
  • Amps: Gallien-Krueger RB800, Ampeg SVT-2 Pro, Marshall 4x10 cab, Ampeg 4x10 bass cab, Bergantino NV610 bass cab, half-stack shared with Ian (usually consisting of an Eden bass head and a Marshall cab or other combinations)

Ian Williams

circa 2007 - 2008

  • Guitars: Gibson Les Paul
  • Electronics: MacBook Pro, M-Audio Keystation 88 MIDI controller, Mackie VLZ-1202 mixer
  • Pedals: Tech 21 SansAmp G2, Gibson Echoplex, Akai Headrush E2
  • Amps: Roland Jazz Chorus 120 on top of a Marshall slanted 4x12 (with a Orange AD200 bass head on top), prevously a Hiwatt Custom 100, half-stack shared with Dave (usually consisting of an Eden bass head and a Marshall cab or other combinations)

Tyondai Braxton

circa 2007 - 2008

  • Guitars: custom Healy electric, modified Jazzmaster, Mexican Stratocasters
  • Electronics: MacBook Pro, Evolution MIDI controller, unknown mixer
  • Pedals: Boss TU-2, Boss OS-2 (replaced by Fulltone OCD), Boss PS-3 (w/ RV-5 pedal), Digitech PDS 20/20, Boss RV-5, Korg AX1G, DigiTech Digidelay, Line 6 DL4, Gibson Echoplex (w/ footswitch), Moogerfooger MF-102, EHX Flanger Hoax, MXR Distortion+, two Morley A/B/Ys
  • Amps: Fender Pro Reverb with two Fender SF Twin Reverbs on top
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