Allan Holdsworth

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  • Guitars: Steinberger guitars (Allan Holdsworth GL2TA-AH signature model w/ passive Seymour Duncan SH-AH1 humbuckers), Bill DeLap guitars (including custom Steinberger models and baritones), Carvin guitars (Carvin HF2, Carvin HF2 Fatboy)
    • Other guitars: two SynthAxes, Hofner President (first guitar), Fender Stratocasters, Gibson SGs (including w/ Tony Williams's Lifetime), Gibson ES-335, Charvel guitars, Chapman stick (w/o bass strings))
  • Amps: two 80w 1x12 Yamaha DG80s (one for clean, one for lead), Hughes and Kettner amps (TriAmp MKII, ZenTera)
    • Other amps: Vox AC30 (early years), Johnson amps, Mesa Boogie, Carvin keyboard amp
  • Effects: Yamaha UD Stomp, 5 or 6 Yamaha Magicstomps (1 clean, 1 clean chorus/delay, 1 distortion and the others for effects such as pitch-shifting), Rocktron Intelliflex
  • Other: LaBella .008 set on DeLap guitar, LaBella .009 set on Carvin Fatboy, Dunlop .1mm picks, Neumann U87s for recording (placed between center and edge of cone)
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