Alison Krauss and Union Station

From Geartome

circa 2005


Alison Krauss

From Acoustic Guitar Magazine: "Alison Krauss can’t trace her fiddle’s origins. She’s had it since she was 21 years old, when the widow of a Louisville, Kentucky, violin dealer who’d long admired Alison’s playing arranged for her to have it."

Dan Tyminski

  • Guitars: 1934 Martin D-28
  • Mandolins: custom Oliver Apitius mandolin
  • Other: Elixir Nanoweb strings (guitars), Shure microphones

Ron Block

  • Guitars: 1938 Martin D-18 (in double drop-D, open-G or DADGAD), 1938 Martin D-28 (in standard tuning), sunburst Bourgeois Slope D (in BF#BF#BC#) (w/ L.R. Baggs Dual Source, into a Rane AP-13)
  • Banjos: Rich and Taylor banjo, 1926 Gibson Granada
  • Other: Elixir Nanoweb strings (guitars), D'Addario strings (banjos), Shure microphones

Jerry Douglas

  • Guitars: two Paul Beard E-style Dobros (one in G, one in D), two Scheerhorns (one in E, one in D), Ivan Guernsey Dobro (in F, for "Man of Constant Sorrow")
  • Amplification: Fishman Resophonic pickups, "an increasingly elaborate array of foot-pedal signal processors"

Barry Bales

  • Basses: 1940s Meisel bass, Azola electric upright
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