3 Doors Down

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Chris Henderson

circa 2009


  • PRS Single Cut signature Chris Henderson guitar (w/ pickups: 7bass, 7treble, tremonti)
  • PRS Hollowbody II
  • PRS Hollowbody Singlecut
  • PRS Signature Saints Goldtop
  • PRS with top secret camo finish ("had to get government approval just to make it")
  • Yamaha LL36
  • Gibson '57 Les Paul Jr
  • '57 Fender Jazzmaster
  • '58 reissue Les Paul Gary Rossington Signature model
  • Taylor Acoustic Guitars (810CE)


  • two Hughes & Kettner Triamp MK II heads
  • two Vox AC50CPH Classic Plus Amp Heads (cleans)
  • Vox AC30CCH
  • Isolation 1x12" cabinet
  • Mills Afterburner 412B cabinet (studio)
  • EVH head (studio for solos)

Rack Gear

  • Monster Cable PRO 3500 Rack PowerCenter
  • "Head Chasers" racked at Savage (Radial Headbone VT guts) (lets you go to backup amp head with press of a button)


  • green Dunlop Tortex guitar picks
  • in studio, amps mic'd with Sennheiser MD421 and Shure SM57
  • NOTE: Chris has said that he doesn't use any effects, live or in the studio.

Matt Roberts


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