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Welcome to tWIKIty bay!

a palimpsestic web presence maintained by staff and students at TBSHS.

What's it all about?

tWIKIty bay is an experimental project that will give T-Bay students an opportunity to collaborate, create and critique in an online virtual community, accessible anytime, anywhere.

This wiki is associated with student productions posted at the T-Bay MySpace presence - T-Bay Videos Users can view the videos uploaded at MySpace and return here to collaborate in the critique of those videos.

Students can also use this wiki to ask questions, look for help, relate experiences and generally use the wiki as a forum for FTV related issues.

====How does it work?==== tWIKIty bay is divided into three main sections: the Project Discussion Space, the General Forum and the Production Blogs. In the Project Discussion Space users can navigate to pages that are dedicated to the critique and discussion of specific videos. The General Forum can be used as a meeting place for staff and students to discuss their everyday experiences of FTV. The forum can be used for questions, technical issues, requests, observations and virtually anything else that's on the users' mind. Production Blogs can be used as a new method of logging student productions. Blog spaces can be established for the individual or collaborative recording of progress, obstacles, rewards and frustrations encountered in making productions.

====How do I post my contribution?==== You'll notice at the top of each page is a set of tabs. You an contribute to that page by hitting the edit tab. On the edit page you'll see a blue bordered box with the existing information. You can then add to, modify, alter, improve, or correct that existing information. There are a set of tools at the top to help with formatting and linking. Its a good idea to initial your contributions, so we know who's saying what.

====Are there any rules?==== The only rule is respect. Yes, you have the power to change or even delete the work of other users. Howver it's expected that people respect the contributions of others. That means no needless deletion of work, no vandalism, no inappropriate comments and no inflammatory remarks. We encourage CRITIQUE not criticism.

NOTE: If you ever get lost on this wiki, just hit the Main Page link in the left hand navigation bar to return to this page.

Project Discussion Space

[Discuss specfic videos here.]

General Forum

[For questions, queries, observations and rants.]

Production Blogs

[Online Production Logs]

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