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Welcome to the Four Nations the rising Avatar: The Last Airbender encyclopedia, which you can edit and read. If you are a fan of the show, join our band of benders and help make this the biggest Avatar site on the internet. You may want to read or add to Current events. If you are encountering difficulties, see The Rules or contact our administrator. Thank you for visiting, and have fun!

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Sorry for the pause in progres of the wiki, it was due to a error in the editthis database and thanks to RobKohr of the editthis administration the wiki is back online and ready to go.

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Momo is a Winged Lemur and a member of Team Avatar. Momo is more of the teams mascot although he has helped the team on many occasions. Momo also appears to have an extremly strong bond with Appa as when Appa went missing he flew over Ba Sing Se looking for him. Momo helps the human members of the team by gathering fruits and nuts for meals. Momo is also rather greedy and this little feature usually lands him or the team in trouble. Archive

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