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[edit] You Can Help Make this Site Better!

These are some areas for future expansion:

  • useful tips
  • equipment reviews
  • sample rigs
  • updates
  • anecdotes (especially funny ones)
  • theoretical perspectives on fieldwork
  • corrections
  • links

The “Never Ending Money Grant” Fieldwork Rig

This is what I might consider the dream fieldwork setup if I had unlimited resources. I am including this so you can maybe get some ideas if you would like to upgrade you current gear.

  • About the Editor: Laith Ulaby is currently an ethnomusicology graduate student at UCLA. He has worked as a musician for over 10 years and has dabbled in amateur photography, film making and music recording. Laith has conducted fieldwork, studied music or lived in several countries including, Argentina, Egypt, India, Lebanon, Morocco, Qatar, Syria, and Yemen (Bahrain and Kuwait coming soon!). To learn more, please check out his [1] website.
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